We're nearing the end, and this final cartoon float was a good sendoff. There was nothing identifiable about it at first; the crowd had no clue about what was coming. Now, we've seen a lot of cartoon characters already -- but we haven't seen all of them. Slowly, practically every animated character not previously seen in the parade crawls off of the float, and while that's reason enough to get excited, they've gathered together for an extra special occasion. It's Scooby Doo's birthday!

And holy shit, does this dog ever get down. Scooby starts off his dance routine in the same way all of the other costumed freaks do, but within moments, he begins breakdancing. I'm absolutely serious. While Huckleberry Hound and Fred Flintstone look on, Scooby busts out with every move in the book.

Even the Smurfs have come to celebrate the dog's day, and if you look closely in the back, the Snorks even joined the party. The Snorks! This float had to be the crowd favorite -- not only were there 85,000 popular cartoon characters shaking their ass for all to see, but some of them were breakdancing. Scooby definitely got the star treatment in 1984, and he made the most of it. Whereas lesser canines would've just waved to the crowd or barked, Scooby Doo uses the celebration as a platform to prove that old dogs can learn new tricks. He's still hip, he's still with it.

The Smurfs, the Snorks, Fred Flintstone and Scooby Doo. Together at last. (6 MB)

We're drawing close to you-know-who's arrival, so let's quickly run through some of the other performers and celebrity guests. That's Robert Vaughn up above. You know, just like it says in the picture.

Here's the "Mocko Jumbi Stilt Dancers." They hail from Mocko Jumbi, I think.

That's the "Tap Dance Kid." Guess what he's good at.

"Rose Petal Palace," an almost completely forgotten cartoon show and toy line from the 80s, got the big float treatment as well. More notable was the freaky bear running around it...

I don't know much about "Rose Petal Palace," but if this thing had a starring role, I'm so there.

Okay, we're finally up to the grand finale. Every Macy's Parade is different, but they all end the same. From the North Pole to New York City, it's time to celebrate Christmas a month early...


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