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07/09/2003 Entry: "Go-Bots Having Sex?"

Okay, I gotta show you this. Readers send in a lot of great e-mail, either tipping me off to something I've yet to review or sharing their thoughts on an article, but sometimes, they go a bit further. I was a little skeptical about the one I'm about to tell you about, which referenced pornography in an old cartoon, because honestly, if you're interested in old toons and you've been on the net long enough, you've likely seen it all a trillion times. There's only so many pics of Prince Adam and Man-At-Arms in a "compromising position" that a person can take before the whole idea of animated characters fucking each other loses its innate charm, but this one, this one is the real shit.

Sent in by Tyler N., it's from the Go-Bots series. I've heard about the clip before, but just wrote it off as another thing where people were seeing what they wanted to see -- having viewed the clip for myself now, I can honestly say that's there's no mistaking it. The robots are doing it -- no, it's actually worse -- the evil robots are forcing a hero robot to take villainous schlongs up his tailpipe...

Now I'm not going to explain what happens, you can just download it and judge for yourselves. Personally, even though it's played off as something else, it's tough not to view this as a couple of animators having some fun. At the very least, it's some pretty poor editing at work. But...well, you'll see, and you can decide.

REPLIES: 139 comments

Holy crap!

Chestnuts roasted by lilmisstramp @ 07/09/2003 04:01 PM EST

I mean like ... wow ... What the ... wow. I just saw a Go-Bot forceably sodomized. Holy crap indeed.

Chestnuts roasted by Sknyluv @ 07/09/2003 04:16 PM EST


I'll never look at Coptor, Crasher, and whoever the black car was.. the same way again.

.. not like I can look at them anyway, since all my Go-bots were evidently sucked into an alternate dimension sometime in the late 80s.

Chestnuts roasted by Lynx @ 07/09/2003 04:18 PM EST

Whoa! Did he just... ??!?!

Greetings from side-kill INDEED! I'm pretty sure he IS paralysed!! A thorough probing from a steel phalic instrument WILL do that to you!

Tha's Robo-Gang-Raping for you, folks!!

Chestnuts roasted by Carl @ 07/09/2003 04:31 PM EST

What the Deuce.......

Its like the cartoon version of OZ.

Just much much much more disturbing.

Chestnuts roasted by Yeti Hunter @ 07/09/2003 04:36 PM EST

Robot prison sex.

Way better than that episode of Teletubbies when Tinky Winky went all slow-burn on the others. "You're Tinky Winky's bitch, now, boy!"

I'm probably just making that last one up.

Chestnuts roasted by Molten @ 07/09/2003 04:44 PM EST

May the gods have mercy. My virgin eyes will never be the same again. I will be having nightmares of Go-Bots gang-raping each other for years to come. What a way to come out if the closet.

Chestnuts roasted by KoNaX @ 07/09/2003 05:05 PM EST


That was quite disturbing, now I am sure that the go-bots are all indeed "homer-sexuals"... I'm suprised that they did not have a character called ram-rod or something...

Chestnuts roasted by tcuspe123 @ 07/09/2003 05:09 PM EST

oh snap. and i thought oz was groundbreaking with their frank depiction of ass-rape. apparently not. it all started with go-bots. i take it the gobot that burned the rapee with a robot ciggarette of sorts was the schillinger of the group. (i didnt watch gobots much)

Chestnuts roasted by julia @ 07/09/2003 05:25 PM EST

Holy Robot Sex, Batman!

Ummm.....even I feel violated.

Chestnuts roasted by Tessie @ 07/09/2003 05:42 PM EST

not only is the robot butt sex disturbing, but the show seems much worse than i remember.

speaking of gobots, i was shocked to learn that they've become part of the the transformers....

see first pic at top:


Chestnuts roasted by packratshow @ 07/09/2003 05:48 PM EST

Sweet Mother of Bitner!

Now, if we can only find that "lost episode" of Transformers where Soundwave tries his hands and mouth on Megatron's "microphone of love"...

Chestnuts roasted by Konopka @ 07/09/2003 05:52 PM EST

Lucky me. My computer at work won't play this. My eyes are saved. Now I just have to wait till I get home, or fix this computer. Anyway...Ew.

Chestnuts roasted by Bansheex @ 07/09/2003 05:53 PM EST

what in the name of all that is just was that about?!

Robo-anal-sodomisation? Just a little over the top for me.

Chestnuts roasted by Goodolwt @ 07/09/2003 06:00 PM EST

i'm not sure if this is the best thing i've ever seen or the worst.

Chestnuts roasted by ben @ 07/09/2003 06:21 PM EST

I haven't seen this video yet (I won't play it at work, the connection is slower) but all I can say is GOOD. GoBots SUCK (and, apparently, other things) and they should all be sodomized by each other.

I have some very sad memories of being promised Transformers, only to receive stupid GoBots. If only my Catholic mom knew what those loser Trans-wannabes were really up to.

Chestnuts roasted by Sean @ 07/09/2003 06:25 PM EST

I think Leader-One's expression is great.

Being leader of the Go-Bots: Worth about 1/10 of a cent, on a good day

Cheap Action figure: Worth about $1.00

Learning your tailpipe is both an Out and an In: Priceless!

Chestnuts roasted by Yeti Hunter @ 07/09/2003 06:47 PM EST

The interesting thing here is that Crasher, the black Go-Bot behind Leader One, was actually female. I'm not sure if that knowledge should comfort me or just disturb me even more.

Chestnuts roasted by JC @ 07/09/2003 07:16 PM EST

Whoa, dude. Thar be some roborape. Yeesh.

Chestnuts roasted by evin @ 07/09/2003 07:22 PM EST

Just disturbing.... OH MY GOD! Probably why I don't remember much about the show... Represt memory!!!

Chestnuts roasted by Pantaya @ 07/09/2003 07:24 PM EST

In a word? Woah.

Chestnuts roasted by Kiften @ 07/09/2003 07:40 PM EST

Regarding that TRANSFORMER:Gobot childs toy mentioned in the Livejournal link:

Yes! I had the *exact* same reaction to the 'Transformer Gobots' baby toys I found in Walmart as you did.
THAT, and I encountered NEW M.U.S.C.L.E figures! And Matt said the exec's at Mattell (?) would never again produce such inane things as M.U.S.C.L.E figures...

It goes to show how far some execs and a bowl of Opium can go.


Chestnuts roasted by ernie@bungie.org @ 07/09/2003 08:14 PM EST

Am I the only one who remembers the Soundwave is gay article X-E had before? That was funny. Hey, remember now and forever, fucking children is only illegal if you're not a major corporation, right Nintendo?

Chestnuts roasted by Bansheex @ 07/09/2003 09:34 PM EST


I'm speechless.

Except to say, REVIEW MAC AND ME, GODDAMMIT!!! You owe me after I saw THAT! *shudder*


Chestnuts roasted by A-wel Cruiz @ 07/09/2003 10:43 PM EST

Umm.. wrong. But how can a robot be of a sex? I guess they could be of a gender, but... Uhh...

Oh, and heads up, Matt. A friend of mine is considering mailing you the instructional video that came with his family's new dishwasher. It's so utterly inane, it's right up your alley! Just warning you.

Chestnuts roasted by Freezair @ 07/10/2003 01:59 AM EST

After seeing Dinkie the DinoPopDino's phallic head, this proves to be...


Greetings from BACKside kill.
Uh! Ungh! Uhhhhh!
And just WHAT did Doc Robot say?Eeeeewwww.

I was laughing.

Laughed so hard
*really vomits. No, really. Well, maybe. I'm feelin the spirit of the past meal's arisin from a acidy grave, and I want to write this before anything happens.*

Chestnuts roasted by "MR. GAME & WATCH" @ 07/10/2003 02:46 AM EST

Whew. Well, I didn't... though I still think I'm gonna puke soon.

Chestnuts roasted by "MR. GAME & WATCH" @ 07/10/2003 03:21 AM EST

Regarding: Regarding that TRANSFORMER:Gobot childs toy mentioned in the Livejournal link:

Hasbro bought up Tonka (the creators of the Gobots series) back in the early 90s, and thus Gobots is now a Hasbro owned brand.

Presumebly to humiliate the former Tonka employees, Hasbro now uses parts of Gobots in their TF line, most notably the name 'Leader-1' for Armada Megatron's minicon and uses the name Go-Bots for the Playskool Transformers line.

Chestnuts roasted by FFN @ 07/10/2003 03:29 AM EST

Man, Hasbro owns everything. As for th e video, it's still Windows Media Ipecac. Possibly because the robots bonking arond sounds like the buckets I used to puke into as a sick kid.

I am now a sick, sick teenager.

Also, for no reason whatsoever:


DribbleGlass.com's Euphemisms for Digital Penile Oscillation

Also, coincidentially (as I said, I posted this for no reason), this may have been the site that somewhere led me to X-E during the E.T. Happy Meal Toy.

Post Pos Post Post just bleeding get on with it already script that E.T. was the first movie ever reviewed by Entertainment Tonight.

Chestnuts roasted by "MR. GAME & WATCH" @ 07/10/2003 03:43 AM EST

What the hell IS that Nazi doctor robot saying? I got what sounds like, uhm... something is "fucking Leader-1's private circuits"!?

Jeez, I hate the goddamned Go-Bots.

Chestnuts roasted by ChaosMonkey @ 07/10/2003 05:07 AM EST

The FemBot could secretly have a robo-strap-on.

Now, why the hell do these metal robots sound like they're made of cardboard?

Chestnuts roasted by "MR. GAME & WATCH" @ 07/10/2003 11:08 AM EST

I can't say if it's the case with this clip, but animators are notorious for "sneaking in" stuff like this. Do a "Disney" search on Snopes to see what I'm talking about -- some of what's gone on has been debatable, but there's certainly some clear cases.

Chestnuts roasted by Matt @ 07/10/2003 11:26 AM EST

Expanding on Hasbro humiliating Tonka by using the Gobots name, for a while they were considering calling Unicron's Mini-Con "Gobotron".

They settled on "Dead End".

Chestnuts roasted by Mike @ 07/10/2003 02:57 PM EST

From what I can tell the black Nazi Gobot is named Herr Fiend, which they apparently had to change for the cartoon to Dr. Go. Why an alien robot would decide that it's German is anyone's guess.

I think he's saying "The ????? is blocking Leader-1's primary circuit."

Seeing this article has made me research Gobots, and I've come to two conclusions. One, Gobots sucked. And two, the people who have Gobots websites can't take pictures for shit.

Chestnuts roasted by Hellpop! @ 07/10/2003 03:50 PM EST

Might I add, and I quote:

"Squeal like a Pig! Squeeeaaalll!"

Are you related in any way to this, Squee? You both have the first letters of sqe. I don't know what the hell I'm talking about. As punishment, I too will be raped by a go-bot. Eww.

Chestnuts roasted by Bansheex @ 07/10/2003 07:20 PM EST

Uugh...Like watching the shower scene in American History X only animated...and with robots....argh.

Chestnuts roasted by J- @ 07/10/2003 08:43 PM EST

Well then.



Chestnuts roasted by mlsq42 @ 07/10/2003 09:50 PM EST

Wow, I wish there were more scenes like this in Mazinger, Giant Robo, and that animal computer animated cartoon I can't remember.

Chestnuts roasted by DROSS @ 07/10/2003 10:05 PM EST

That was nasty.

I, too, would be paralyzed possibly forever if I was raped by Gobots.

Oh God. I'm glad I always liked Transformers instead. If I saw that while I was younger it would have problably screwed me up for life.

Chestnuts roasted by Jerreth @ 07/10/2003 10:14 PM EST

That is so un-godly disturbing... you know they did that intentionally. If you take away the sodomy, it's kinda kool... wait... lol

Chestnuts roasted by Derek1980z28 @ 07/10/2003 10:44 PM EST

Wait a sexual inyouendoh- is it just me, or is L1 supressing a smile? Gay-bot.

Chestnuts roasted by "MR. GAME & WATCH" @ 07/10/2003 11:07 PM EST

what about the episode of thundercats where the little cat sidekick jumps on a females shoulder and undoes a shirt strap exposing a breast. the second time the episode aired, this was edited out. I know this happened cause at school the next day my friends and i were discussing it, when a girl said she saw it and replayed the scene by pulling down her shirt thus becoming the first girl to flash me. Tell me someone else remembers this thundercats episode.

Chestnuts roasted by naturekid @ 07/11/2003 12:11 AM EST


Also, Conan just burned David Copperfield's ass (no sodomy, Conan don't swing that way, no matter how much it looks like that)

Also, is it just me, or is that hairstyle I've seen from 1996 screens (would say from 1996 but I just recently started watching) coming back from the dead?



"It's honey!" -Conan

Chestnuts roasted by "MR. GAME & WATCH" @ 07/11/2003 02:00 AM EST

At least we didn't have to see Leader-1 getting rammed by the Rock Lords. "Transforms from rock to robot to robot raper and back!"

Chestnuts roasted by Miguel @ 07/11/2003 02:33 AM EST

I wonder if he came oil up his butt?

Chestnuts roasted by Rocco Ross @ 07/11/2003 03:32 AM EST

Cy-Kill should have just gone with a box of chocolates or something. Anal sex is a little much.

Chestnuts roasted by Razor Ramon @ 07/11/2003 04:04 AM EST


I still have the He-Man porno that a few fanboys made back in like 1985 or so.

.....gol...that was scary.

Chestnuts roasted by Dumass @ 07/11/2003 04:31 AM EST

jesus f'n christ

Chestnuts roasted by rock n roll @ 07/11/2003 06:37 AM EST

I think i lost a part of my childhood innocence as a result of seeing this video..it is absolutely shocking and ghastly...To think i once carried my baloney and cheese sandwiches in a gobot lunch bucket as a youth...i am pressing charges on the creators of Go-Bots..i am on the telephone right now with my lawyer...

Chestnuts roasted by BudBundy1978 @ 07/11/2003 07:33 AM EST

yup....definitely some hardcore man peach smashing going on....yup.......

Chestnuts roasted by Dharmaboy @ 07/11/2003 10:03 AM EST

Thanks, now my childhood has been even more violated. I'm gonna go huddle in a corner for a while now.

Chestnuts roasted by Jonny5 @ 07/11/2003 11:33 AM EST

What the....? My childhood just took a trip to the toilet.

Chestnuts roasted by joshismyfriend2 @ 07/11/2003 12:43 PM EST

What the heck? Robots can't do it? You people are acting silly! Well I got to go bake some muffins and light up the stew for Grand Pa. Robots doing it...hahahaha! Silly humans! Remember, God is amongst us all, so watch your daily activities, for HE does keep a good eye on all who use his land.
God Loves You!

Chestnuts roasted by Shaun @ 07/11/2003 12:58 PM EST

The funniest part is that the race car directly behind him was a girl. I think her name was Crasher?

Chestnuts roasted by Nick @ 07/11/2003 03:25 PM EST


But don't worry about the Go Bots.

Why? In Japan they were known as Machine Robo, and they have a new series that is doing fine and has some nifty looking toys.

From what I understand the new show involves kids controlling/helping the Machine Robos from the original Machine Robo show stop naughty robots and save people from burning buildings and stuff. Masterforce.org and ToyboxDX both had an article on it.

Chestnuts roasted by Bloodcat @ 07/11/2003 04:02 PM EST

Jonny5, your childhood wasn't the ONLY thing that was violated.

Chestnuts roasted by Razor Ramon @ 07/11/2003 04:10 PM EST

I mean... they had to subdue him and the scene just abruptly ends. Whatever happens after that is kinda left to our imaginations.

God I forgot how much 80s animation really sucked. Especially Gobots!

Chestnuts roasted by Czarland Junky @ 07/11/2003 04:16 PM EST

Holy Hell!

Chestnuts roasted by BigBadLemurTamer @ 07/11/2003 04:17 PM EST

Nice job, Hanna-Barbarians. Would've been much better had Coptor been yelling the whole time:

"This is what ya get fer rippin' off Transformers!"

Chestnuts roasted by Shunyata Zero @ 07/11/2003 04:35 PM EST

Sweet Jesus!

My Eyes! My poor eyes!

On the other hand, the look on Leader One's face was priceless in the end... in the end? I cant believe I just said that! I didn't think my humor could get so low.

Chestnuts roasted by Sam I. Am @ 07/11/2003 04:37 PM EST

Hey, at least they didn,t give him a gasoline shower. I can't believe I said that. I need help.

Chestnuts roasted by Gozer @ 07/11/2003 05:02 PM EST

Eww. The more I read, the more I hate Go-bots. Gay-bots, good one, Mr. Game and Watch. And Razor Ramon, the whole "Anal sex is a little much" thing has me rolling on the floor at work. I don't want to get fired. Natureboy, I kind of remember that episode, but not too well. I bet Photog never has to worry about anal rape. I hope.

Chestnuts roasted by Bansheex @ 07/11/2003 06:48 PM EST

No....cyber sex at it's lowest level !

Chestnuts roasted by Trampampoline @ 07/11/2003 09:08 PM EST

Leader-1 got that shit coming to him. He sucked as a being the leader of the Go-Bots. I think they should've made an actual episode of Unicron Devouring the Go-Bots and their weak ass planet.

Chestnuts roasted by Westside_Paintballa @ 07/11/2003 09:12 PM EST

There are many things I'd never thought I'd see in this life time an animated robot being sodomized one of them. Maybe I will see a time when we will make contact with life on other planets afterall.

Anyhow you wouldn't see Optimus Prime being raped, Bumblebee sure, Wheelie definately but not Prime.

Chestnuts roasted by Brandon @ 07/12/2003 12:04 AM EST

wow, i saw that episode long ago, and never thought twice baout that, but now 12 some years later, its scares me, especially cause i *liked* gobots!

Chestnuts roasted by Drew32 @ 07/12/2003 01:36 AM EST

Well, that certainly adds a new facet to the whole "Guardians vs. Renegades" thing. The Guardians were literally trying to save their asses!!!

Chestnuts roasted by Zaku2ms06 @ 07/12/2003 01:57 AM EST

uh, after reading all these comments and the article
its not nearly as bad as i thought it was going to be
3 seconds of squincing and grunting
so the artists were messing around or whatever
not nearly as bad or obvious as most of you guys are making it out

Chestnuts roasted by Eraxian @ 07/12/2003 01:59 AM EST

that clip was takenout of context. the one you call leader one was not practicing sexual intercourse. he was merely playing twister until dr. go cheated with a nueral duct to block his primary cicuit. any further talk of this article will result in laughter

Chestnuts roasted by go-bot representative @ 07/12/2003 02:49 AM EST

Any chance of a review of the Go-Bots movie with the Rocklords?

Chestnuts roasted by Thundarr the Barbarian's primary counselor @ 07/12/2003 03:03 AM EST

Damn it! I thought I destroyed all footage of that porn film I starred in when I was in collage! Now someone is going to sell it to Fox for a "Go-Bots gone Wild!" special! Please... Just kill me now...

Chestnuts roasted by Leader One @ 07/12/2003 03:30 AM EST

i feel so dirty after watching that

Chestnuts roasted by squall lion @ 07/12/2003 04:23 AM EST

Why was the black one wearing a monocle?

Chestnuts roasted by Stan Reno @ 07/12/2003 06:35 AM EST

Perhaps he was a rich oil tycoon that enjoys sodomizing the hapless citizens.

Chestnuts roasted by The Gaijin @ 07/12/2003 08:33 AM EST

Can you supply a transcript of the video? I have difficulty understanding what is being said.

What do Go-Bots use for a condom? I'm thinking maybe a bucket or the end of a pipe.

Chestnuts roasted by Toucan Sam @ 07/12/2003 10:04 AM EST

robits having...
doing it

Chestnuts roasted by burrito @ 07/12/2003 10:05 AM EST

Fuck "Mac & Me!"

Chestnuts roasted by Peter Clemenza @ 07/12/2003 12:16 PM EST

Honestly i see nothing that could possilbly construed as sex in this video.......now to watch it as i assume with my mind powers everythign that happens in the video.
Yes that is robot anal penetration..maybe just wrestling? but i dont care, cuz i dont know who the gobots are

Chestnuts roasted by ToastedForks @ 07/12/2003 12:35 PM EST

I remain shocked! This is worst that the hidden sex symbolizes you see in a Disney film!

Chestnuts roasted by VooDoo KnighT @ 07/12/2003 12:50 PM EST

I've never seen Gobots before and I'm barely old enough to remember the original Transformers...but that may be the most nightmare inducing event I have ever seen. I mean, they just grabbed him out of the air and...then they all laughed as he was...and he screamed that he was paralized...what is wrong with Japan!!!! That blows away everything ever put into Disney films, and that includes the priests boner at the wedding in The Little Mermaid...Oh God.

Chestnuts roasted by Happnin' Mojo @ 07/12/2003 02:50 PM EST

Gotta love those crazy 80s.

Chestnuts roasted by SnowMan @ 07/12/2003 03:27 PM EST

can someone tell me what the black robot with the monocle is saying? i can't understand a word of it.

Chestnuts roasted by v2rocket @ 07/12/2003 08:08 PM EST

I didnt see it. I did not see how that could look like sex. I have never seen Go bot (I was all into Rainbow Brite and Inspector Gadget when I was little) and my older brother did not watch them, but even I could tell that they were placing a stunning device onto the guy. But everyone's intitled to their opinions I guess.

Chestnuts roasted by carpe Nocturn @ 07/12/2003 08:39 PM EST

I had the Gobot-rocklord movie, well, 3/4th s of it when it was shown back to back with the transformers movie one christmas mornin...

Chestnuts roasted by steventheeunuch @ 07/12/2003 10:22 PM EST

That is the most disturbing thing I've ever seen. My child hood is forever lost...

Chestnuts roasted by Jose_Guerra@dell.com @ 07/12/2003 10:34 PM EST

Hahahhaha... man that shit was crazy.

Chestnuts roasted by Rohnster @ 07/12/2003 11:02 PM EST

Yo, Happnin' Mojo, that was his KNEE. Follow Matt's sage advice. Go to Snopes. It gets debunked.

I'm sure this clip was taken out of context, much like the following quote from Westside_Paintballa:
"Leader-1 got that shit coming... He sucked.. their weak ass... ."

Chestnuts roasted by "MR. GAME & WATCH" @ 07/12/2003 11:27 PM EST

"Hurry up!! I can't hold him forever!!"

That was scary.

Chestnuts roasted by Lindsey @ 07/13/2003 01:16 AM EST

This reminds me of the dirty scenes in Disney's The Black Hole that I watched again on cable the other night.

In the final fight between the Maximilian robot and V.I.N.CENT. (Roddy McDowell voiced the Vital Information Necessary CENTralized robot according to IMDB.com), Max and Vin are locked in combat and Max's wang pops up to knock Vin off him.

Later, when we see Reinhardt's corpse floating in the Black Hole, he pops up to scare the audience and the next thing you know the Max robot mounts him and they "merge" into a super being that control the humanoids left over in some form of Hell. Although dirty, this ending is still the coolest I have seen in a Disney movie

I will always take The Black Hole over Event Horizon because it has perverted robots and Ernest Borgnine! Reinhardt said it best, "Something caused all this. But what caused... that cause?"

Chestnuts roasted by Michael @ 07/13/2003 02:14 AM EST

I think the most disturbing thing about it was the black car dude wit the German accent speaking seductively to Leader-1. "You vill submit, now, ja?!" At least that's what I thought he said.

Chestnuts roasted by DarthSnoogans @ 07/13/2003 04:09 AM EST

thats creepy almost as bad as that one transformer episode , where soundwave and galvatron , are holding hands

Chestnuts roasted by theone @ 07/13/2003 09:22 AM EST

This was like watching "I Love the 80's" all over again.

"Oh, look, here's something in the 80's I didn't care about. Let's make some perverted humor about it!"

What they did to the memory of He-Man and ALF was deplorable. While it was nice to see a GoBot clip, it was kind of disappointing seeing it hit with this. Believe it or not, there is a small GoBot fandom. Such an underrespected toyline, and the cartoon at least gave us more history than Transformers did, even though Cybertron gave us much to make up for it.

(BTW, click my homepage link to read some actual GoBot comics. I hope to put more up and add a link to other GoBot sites and the crappy homemade comics I did.)

Frankly, if it wasn't for "I Piss On ShadowWing's Childhood"..I mean "I Love the 80's", I probably wouldn't be as miffed. Trust me, though, I posted a link on the GoBots e-group, and one guy is more upset than I am. Still, I bear no ill will against Matt. Well, maybe that old Diff'rent Strokes article about the child molester episode, but he's improved since that, so he's forgivable. :)

Chestnuts roasted by ShadowWing the Technorganic GoBot @ 07/13/2003 12:55 PM EST

Forgot to add: the black car was Cy-Kill's other scientist. When the human Dr. Braxis annoyed him, he went to Renegade scientist Dr. Go.

Chestnuts roasted by ShadowWing yada yada @ 07/13/2003 12:56 PM EST

I can only give Mr.Game&Watch my deepest thanks for making the matter clear but what am I going to do with all this hentai I just ordered...just kidding and again thank you for saving a shred of my childhood.

Chestnuts roasted by Happnin' Mojo @ 07/13/2003 01:27 PM EST

Sweet Jumpin' Gummi Crap on Satan's Banjo! I knew the Go Bots were evil and just wrong for a reason. I don't know if anyone pointed this out yet, but one of the black cars was female! Now I'm thinking it's a she-male bot or at the very least had options not available on Earth cars...my brain hurts now...v2rocket had a good question. Why did one of them have a monocle?

Chestnuts roasted by Infinite Zer0 @ 07/13/2003 03:21 PM EST

CHRIST! That's fucking disturbing! Since, it DOES look like Leader-1 is being sodomized.. But that's not what was happening... Still, fucking disturbing...

Chestnuts roasted by Karma @ 07/13/2003 04:05 PM EST

i liked it

Chestnuts roasted by carl @ 07/13/2003 04:56 PM EST

nah. it looks like, but they're not

Chestnuts roasted by kodo @ 07/13/2003 06:01 PM EST

Jerked off to that shit.

Chestnuts roasted by Noomsby @ 07/13/2003 07:09 PM EST

hehe stupid gobots

Chestnuts roasted by thefatkid @ 07/13/2003 08:01 PM EST

Whatuz a Geaux but? I thank that this sheuld nat be for cilrens. We neez to make thees better fur cilrens. Cartune sex is not sutiabable for churienz.

Chestnuts roasted by BubbaSandsbury @ 07/13/2003 09:05 PM EST

Ya know were all going to hell just for looking at this right?

Chestnuts roasted by GodOfOompaloompas @ 07/13/2003 10:10 PM EST

WHAT!? People actually LIKE the GoBots? Since when? I've never heard anything so ridiculous in my life.

Like the GoBots.


They should debunk THAT on Snopes.

Chestnuts roasted by ChaosMonkey @ 07/13/2003 11:34 PM EST

they are simulating Robot struggle, no rape going on there.

Chestnuts roasted by HANSEL @ 07/14/2003 12:34 AM EST

Considering that's what's her name, the female evil Go-Bot, she must be wearing a mechanized strap on, right. Want to talk about evil.

Chestnuts roasted by Rogue-13 @ 07/14/2003 03:25 AM EST

That one evil robot looks kind of like the fruit fucker from penny arcade.

Chestnuts roasted by Nemesis @ 07/14/2003 08:24 AM EST

young man theres a place you can go..
young man where the go bots do it alone
go there if wanna play
leader 1 wishes he could get away

Chestnuts roasted by dchild @ 07/14/2003 10:47 AM EST

Childhood. Ruined. Forever.

Well, not really. I never liked the Go-Bots but I'll be shitting myself a devil's pancake if I didn't find it disturbing - because it was.

Chestnuts roasted by Exitium @ 07/14/2003 12:11 PM EST

That was... interesting.. disturbing, yes.. but still.. interesting.. I've never known that 80's animators were so.. perverted bastards.. showing this to little kids who didn't even know what the whole scene was *REALLY* about.. damn fags.. I'll show them how to make real robot-gaysex.. /me starts to animate a new Robot series called "The XxXbots - Hot Oil"

Chestnuts roasted by WangMastah @ 07/14/2003 12:11 PM EST

Childhood. Ruined. Forever.

Well, not really. I never liked the Go-Bots but I'll be shitting myself a devil's pancake if I didn't find it disturbing - because it was.

Chestnuts roasted by Exitium @ 07/14/2003 12:13 PM EST

I guess I was the only one who was turned on, huh?

Chestnuts roasted by biguynewjersey @ 07/14/2003 12:23 PM EST

Matt this is completely offtopic but i believe that you need an alf article...and im to lazy to email you.
Tastey endy

Chestnuts roasted by ToastedForks @ 07/14/2003 01:40 PM EST

Dude . . . that was hot.

Chestnuts roasted by Woolhouse @ 07/14/2003 02:33 PM EST

Leader One uses WD-40. What a whore.

Chestnuts roasted by Trogdor the Burninator @ 07/14/2003 03:06 PM EST

Toasted -- I've done two Alf articles, use the main page search. :) One is on the toys and the first episode, the other is about Alf Cakes.

Chestnuts roasted by Matt @ 07/14/2003 03:31 PM EST

Fuck Go-Bots. What a bunch of crap. I still have one around my house somewhere. I can't look at him anymore. He scares me. Anyway, everyone should hate them too. Right? Right? Alright, maybe I'm alone on that one. I'm tired today, otherwise I might post something funnier. Sorry.

Chestnuts roasted by Bansheex @ 07/14/2003 05:58 PM EST

Now you know why they walk bow-legged and creak. It must be common practise.

Chestnuts roasted by Alex. @ 07/14/2003 06:11 PM EST

Insert maniacal laughter here

That was the funniest thing I've seen since the last time I was here.

Chestnuts roasted by Bigshow71 @ 07/14/2003 07:00 PM EST

After seeing it again, I'm not sure if it was intentional, or if it was just the cheap studio reusing the same two frames of animation.

Chestnuts roasted by Anti Hippie @ 07/14/2003 07:06 PM EST

but wasn't the black car a chick?
(sorry if this issue has been addressed previously but my eyes are to sore to skim through the comments) maybe i got it confused with Baroness from GI Joe
oh well... whatever... ponders the possibilities of strap-on sex0r with either of the above mentioned. COHHH-BRA-LALALALA!

Chestnuts roasted by cotton mouth queen @ 07/14/2003 07:43 PM EST

so i did it anyways... special shout out props to rogue-13... me go stalk now muahahaha!

Chestnuts roasted by 20 eyes aka CMQ @ 07/14/2003 07:49 PM EST

Thanx, though is the shout out for clearing that up, haveing the balls to bring up and uncomfortable subject, or what?

Chestnuts roasted by Rogue-13 @ 07/14/2003 08:46 PM EST


"The Black Hole". Given the topic at hand, the title alone is wrong enough. I saw it on the Disney Channel a long time ago before I had a CD-R drive. When I formatted floppies back then, I used to pretend I was formatting those robots. (They DID format robots, right?)

Chestnuts roasted by "MR. GAME & WATCH" @ 07/14/2003 11:20 PM EST

I also heard that if you freeze frame it just right you can see that monster thing's member in Howard the Duck. I might be the only non-european person that liked that movie.

Chestnuts roasted by Happnin Mojo @ 07/15/2003 01:33 AM EST

Now we know why Transformers was popular and Go Bots just didn't get over. Sibliminal messages for the gay community perhaps.

Kia ora.

Chestnuts roasted by Mikey Hollis @ 07/15/2003 02:55 AM EST

I think what makes the entire thing worse is that the black car holding him is a female which means shes either a transvestite or wearing a strap on. Either way WTF?!?!

Chestnuts roasted by Halfbreed @ 07/15/2003 04:07 PM EST

freakin shit just shut up. yes the black car was a female. man all they did was dogpile him and attach a nueral duct to his primary circuit. so if you have nothing more to say than
"holy shit those robots were doin it"
"dude that black car was a girl"
you shouldnt even post it. the point has been made.

Chestnuts roasted by jax @ 07/16/2003 03:42 AM EST

The guy who voiced Coptor also voiced Grape Ape. Makes it even more horrifying.

Chestnuts roasted by mofo jones @ 07/16/2003 08:24 PM EST

Ape usin' the grapes, yo.

Chestnuts roasted by "MR. GAME & WATCH" @ 07/17/2003 10:44 AM EST

You know what I really love about this though?

It reminded me just how bad the music/sound effects were on Go Bots.

Sodomy never sounded so much like driftwood hitting a pier.

Chestnuts roasted by Razor Ramon @ 07/17/2003 05:26 PM EST


...Yeah, I think that about covers it. *goes to rinse eyes out in bleach*

Chestnuts roasted by Xaq @ 07/19/2003 12:41 AM EST


Yeah animators are sick bastages. Very sick. Especially those turkeys at Hanna-Barbera back in the day...I never liked Go Bots and I always figured they were messed up...I just didn't know to what extent... O.O

Oh and Transformers RULE and GO BOTS DROOL! ;)


Chestnuts roasted by Koby Fish @ 07/22/2003 03:47 PM EST

Leader-1 is definitely getting a little "back door action" ! Man, I can't believe that!


Chestnuts roasted by Top Cat @ 12/15/2003 01:34 PM EST

Dude.... That's just wrong. Funny as hell, but wrong. The fact that the robot was struggling in that mannor just does something to your eyes. (now replays scene in head and is permanently traumatized)

Chestnuts roasted by Michael Wayne @ 01/24/2004 01:37 AM EST

He had a double made of him, and that thing on his neck that was blinking paralyzes him so that he wouldnt mess up their plan.

There was a little sexual intrusion there though

Chestnuts roasted by Jaffar @ 03/12/2004 12:35 AM EST

He had a double made of him, and that thing on his neck that was blinking paralyzes him so that he wouldnt mess up their plan.

There was a little sexual intrusion there though

Chestnuts roasted by Jaffar @ 03/12/2004 12:35 AM EST

He had a double made of him, and that thing on his neck that was blinking paralyzes him so that he wouldnt mess up their plan.

There was a little sexual intrusion there though

Chestnuts roasted by Jaffar @ 03/12/2004 12:36 AM EST

Oh good god it's true!! What were the writers and animators thinking?? Sure they didn't think that we wouldn't notice.

Damn you for exposing me to this (even though I chose to click on the link). Damn you all!!

Chestnuts roasted by Grax @ 06/13/2004 08:07 AM EST

That was disturbing ... poor guy. And, that looked vaguely familiar. I was a Transformers fan before Go-Bots, but I think I did see a few episodes....

I don't know if the animators intended that or not, though I wouldn't blame them if they did. That job has to get boring sometimes.

Chestnuts roasted by Natasha Compagnon @ 10/07/2004 09:06 AM EST