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05/17/2004 Entry: "Uhhhh, Choco Taco?"

As the weather grows warmer during these blooming weeks of May, there's just one thing on the minds of junk food junkies. The hot sun and warm breeze ushers in a celebrity like none other, and when this guy hits the red carpet, we all get a little bit fatter. Welcome home, Mr. Ice Cream Man.

When you walk up to that familiar truck window, keep an eye out for the nontraditional yet completely delicious cult icon known as the "Choco Taco." Made by Klondike, these off-the-wall entrees seem to have faded into obscurity in recent years, but make no mistake: Choco Tacos are still out there, waiting to assault your tongue with fourteen kinds of chocolate and the spirit of the South.

Fashioned quite like any regular meat-stuffed taco, Klondike's version features a sugar cone shell containing frozen vanilla ice cream, topped with everything from chocolate syrup to peanuts. It's like eating a dozen kinds of junk food simultaneously. A warning label on each wrapper sums it up perfectly: "This is not a reduced fat food." We're allowed to treat ourselves once in a while, and gaining 6,000 pounds is a small price to pay for a treat so shamelessly filled with Mexican froza treata.

With sixteen grams of fat, Klondike promises a snack worth taking a long nap after. More rarely seen in your local grocer's freezer section these days, Choco Tacos are still regularly stocked in ice cream trucks. Much like that frog-shaped pop with the bubble gum eyes and those strange strawberry cones with more layers than an eighty-year-old redwood, Choco Tacos force us to chase escaping vehicles down long streets, screaming all the way. The best pleasures are the ones we suffer for, so get your running shoes on.

Choco Tacos have gained a sort of underground fame in recent years, in part because of their previous inclusion on Taco Bell's dessert menu, but mostly because they've grown so elusive. Those fortunate enough to have an abundant supplier of Choco Tacos are in the minority, while the rest of the world glumly pines for the slick silver wrapper and gooey chocolate crunch. Finding a Choco-Taco might seem like a low-rent fantasy, but have you ever tasted these things?

If you can't live without seeing a Choco Taco's guts, click here.

REPLIES: 126 comments

I remember they sold them at Taco Bell. I miss them:(

Chestnuts roasted by Fap @ 05/17/2004 02:31 PM EST

I have never even thought about eating one of these before, but now I want them more than I have ever wanted any snack type food. As soon as I see an ice cream vendor, I shall assault him.

Chestnuts roasted by Kelly @ 05/17/2004 02:28 PM EST

Well, that sucks. Had a glitch that wiped out the comments for this entry, which bugs me to ends I cannot describe. If you remember your Choco Taco thoughts, repost 'em.
Or hey, how about this.
I actually bought two Choco Tacos -- one was decimated for this article, the other still sits wrapped in my freezer. Whomever best describes their feelings on Choco Tacos wins it. I'll send it to ya. A big gooey mess, completely melted by the time it hits your mailbox. Contest ends at midnight. Get crackin.

Chestnuts roasted by Matt @ 05/17/2004 02:31 PM EST

I one got a melted choco taco all over my dad's car when I was 16. He was super mad until I gave him the last one I had. That made him forgive me. Thank you choco taco!

Chestnuts roasted by MizPenny @ 05/17/2004 02:31 PM EST

I don't know about you guys but here in VA the f'n Cicada bugs are annoying the SH%T out of me!!!
This certain brood of Cicada bugs come up from the ground once every 17 years to mate and die a few weeks later. Now that they're here, they're all over the place and making some loud-ass noise. I hate them! It's only here in the east coast. Anybody else experiencing this hell?

(click on my name to see what I'm talking about)

Chestnuts roasted by J-Dog @ 05/17/2004 02:31 PM EST

I see them here, but in a scarce fashion. I miss those great lemon sherbet pops shaped like Pac-Man.

Chestnuts roasted by kingklash @ 05/17/2004 02:31 PM EST

Ooooh yes, Kingklash. Me too. :)

Chestnuts roasted by Matt @ 05/17/2004 02:31 PM EST

Cicadas are here every Summer! Ours are green and white, like a Amana home appliance circa 1978. They is loud! The Right Coast ones look a lot cooler, all dark colors and big red eyes. I'm used to the noise. CHIRRUP! CHURRIPP! MEEDLY MEEEEDLY MEEDLY MEEEEEEEEEEE! Preeoww!

Chestnuts roasted by kingklash @ 05/17/2004 02:31 PM EST

I haven't seen any cicadas here in Missouri, but my dad has. I don't think we're getting the big swarm that other states are, thankfully.
Also, now I'm going to have to go to all the grocery and convience stores around here looking for a Choco Taco.
a piece of milk

Chestnuts roasted by Stacey @ 05/17/2004 02:31 PM EST

A Choco Taco once whispered the following to me.
"Hey, you...
Nutrition Facts
Serving Size 4 fl. oz.
Servings Per Container 1
Amount Per Serving
Calories 290
Calories from Fat 140
Total Fat 16g
Saturated Fat 8g
Cholesterol 10mg
Sodium 115mg
Total Carbohydrates 35g
Dietary Fiber 1g
Sugars 24g
Sugar Alcohol
Protein 4g
Vitamin A 0% Vitamin C 0%
Calcium 6% Iron 4%
Don't touch that.
Reduced Fat"
And that was the day I left New Mexico, and became the King of Myanmar.
Give the last ChoTac to a bird, Matt. For only the birds of this world can truly fly.

Chestnuts roasted by http://www.hyperreal.org/~mikew/freezing_man/1999/big3.jpg @ 05/17/2004 02:31 PM EST

remember Everyone!
this article did not originally appear on monday May 17!

Chestnuts roasted by dfgdfsg @ 05/17/2004 02:31 PM EST

Choco Taco's have been in every Open Pantry I have visited. However they have always been smooshed up against Flinstones push up pops, and i could never pass those lovelies up. But just maybe, next time, I will give them a whirl...

Chestnuts roasted by BettieBoo @ 05/17/2004 02:31 PM EST

Never before, nor never shall I again experience such a yummy confection. Such perfection shall never again be realized by any mortal man. How could such creatures of flesh and blood create a fine treat? the answer is simple: The CHOCO-TACO was not created by any man working for the KLONDIKE company. It was obviously created by God. Yes, for those of you who doubt the existance of a diving being, all you need do is walk to your local corner store and purchase a CHOCO-TACO and you will realize that only a being with infinite power could create that treat.
My mouth salivates at the very writing of this paragraph. Alas, it has been too long since I have last allowed the sweet, godlike combination of chocolate, ice cream, and waffle cone to enter into my mouth. I must go now, and satisfy my desire for the CHOCO-TACO. As much as I try, that will be impossible, for my lust for the CHOCO-TACO will never, ever be satiated.

Chestnuts roasted by SHANE! @ 05/17/2004 02:31 PM EST

These things were fucking delicious. I thought they were exclusive to Taco Bell but now I see that you could find them if you really look for them!
48 grams of fat, here I come!!!

Chestnuts roasted by Eddie @ 05/17/2004 02:31 PM EST

My Mom used to be a Ice Cream Man.
I remember riding with her and porking myself on Ninja Turtles Pops,Choco Tacos,Fudgesickles,and every ice cream one can imagine. It was Pure Heaven.

Chestnuts roasted by Megatron @ 05/17/2004 02:31 PM EST

We of Southern Wisconsin have Choco Tacos at our very fingertips. In my village, Choco Tacos are available in 5 locations that I know of. They are what keeps me going when I get depressed about having nothing better to do than write about ice cream treats in Blog posts.

Chestnuts roasted by Darc_humor @ 05/17/2004 02:31 PM EST

Never had one, actually. Why? Because the Snickers Ice Cream Bar is far more superior-icious.
An afterthought: a Chia Plot continuation sounds great.

Chestnuts roasted by SilvaKrown @ 05/17/2004 02:31 PM EST

Here in Michigan, I don't remember seeing those at Taco Bell, but we still have them at Mr. Taco. We have choco diles here, too, so I guess we're special, huh?

Chestnuts roasted by Darth Kinopio @ 05/17/2004 02:31 PM EST

Cicada filled confectionary tacos anyone? We have them by the GAGILLIONS and they don't just come every 17 years, they are a fixture here just like those evilevilevil grackles. Grackle-taco choco-cicada mmmm...mmmm!

Chestnuts roasted by Blah....blah @ 05/17/2004 02:31 PM EST

Damn you, King of Myanmar a.k.a. http://www.hyperreal.org/~mikew/freezing_man/1999/big3.jpg, that whisper was meant for you only. Our engagement is now officialy off.
Nice site, Matt, but next time come directly to the source if you want to taste the taco.

Chestnuts roasted by ChoTac Estevez @ 05/17/2004 02:31 PM EST

All together now...1...2...3...
I'm your Ice Cream Man,
Stop me when I'm passing by,
I'm your Ice Cream Man,
Stop me when I'm passing by.
All my flavors are guarenteed to satisfy.

Chestnuts roasted by kingklash @ 05/17/2004 02:31 PM EST

In all my days I have never witness what is opon me now. I have never seen such an entity, nor have known of the exsistance of such sights. Looks like its time to road trip down to the U.S, and when the boarder guard asks me my purpose, I shall state " Choco Taco ! "

Chestnuts roasted by Naveed @ 05/17/2004 02:31 PM EST

Those Choco Tacos were always too cool for me. Taco Bell was the cool kids hang out, so I felt obligated to shun them. I like my klondike bars just fine anyways! *cries*

Chestnuts roasted by Cobra Soldier #18 @ 05/17/2004 02:31 PM EST

Cicadas only come once every 17 years. the other bugs that are annoying with that buzzing screeching noise look like cicadas but are smaller...theyre called locusts. here (philly) i havent seen any cicadas yet, but every summer i hear those locusts'
imagine this: i heard the noise of cicadas are 242345353525 times worse than locusts, so thats pretty annoying, although it would be worth it if matt sends me that melted choco taco

Chestnuts roasted by S0nik @ 05/17/2004 02:31 PM EST

They still sell these bad boys at the Taco Bell here in CA. You gotta really like chocolate for these puppies.

Chestnuts roasted by Charlie @ 05/17/2004 02:31 PM EST

Gotta have choco taco.
Gotta have choco taco.
Gotta have choco taco.
Gotta have choco taco.

Oh wait, the sugar rush is over

Chestnuts roasted by Boingy Boingy @ 05/17/2004 02:31 PM EST

Fooly Cooly
Choco Taco
Fooly Cooly
Choco Taco
Fooly Cooly
Choco Taco
Fooly Taco
Choco Cooly
(head implodes)

Chestnuts roasted by kingklash @ 05/17/2004 02:31 PM EST

My highschool sells them in the freezer. $1 for one.

Chestnuts roasted by Takomaster @ 05/17/2004 02:31 PM EST

Woo-hoo! Free Choco Taco!

O Taco,
Esta bueno
Mi estomago
Soy muy hambriento
Para tu delicioso
O Taco!

Chestnuts roasted by T.G. @ 05/17/2004 02:31 PM EST

A Choco haiku:

Taco of Choco
Ice cream innards so yummy
Get in my belly

Chestnuts roasted by psyduckx @ 05/17/2004 02:31 PM EST

Here in Peoria, IL, Choco Tacos are EVERYWHERE.

Chestnuts roasted by JohnnyZero @ 05/17/2004 02:31 PM EST

Yep, got these at my High School as well, though I've never seen them anywhere else. More tragically, the last time I saw an ice cream truck here in Northern Virginia was around 5 years ago. Truly we live in desperate times.

Chestnuts roasted by Evil Urchin @ 05/17/2004 02:31 PM EST

I've never had these, because they've never had them around where I'm from... but DAMN they look awesome!


Chestnuts roasted by Vishalpatel @ 05/17/2004 02:31 PM EST

I hate to do this... sigh... but since I've lost my sweet tooth nearly completely in my adult age, I cannot comment on the ChocoTacos... However (cringe) I do have to comment on the cicadas... There is more than one type of cicada. The longest living ones have life cycles of 17 years... these are the ones that are popping out now on the East Coast... There are also cicadas with a life span of 13 years... There are other cicadas with a much shorter life span, just a few short years... The Tibicen Cicada has a life cycle of one year.... These are the ones I'd see every summer when I lived in Alabama... they'd leave their molted exoskeletons on the trunks of all the pinetrees... They definitely were not locusts,... they looked NOTHING like grasshoppers... these were the nightmare-inducing creatures that resembled bizarre alien insect life.

Chestnuts roasted by Nachokhaki @ 05/17/2004 02:31 PM EST

Nacho - yeah, and people eat them. No, I'm not kidding. Do a Google search for "Cicada recipies" (or, alternately, spell it properly since I suck at spelling) and you'll be amazed. Simmered with butter, sauteed, deep fried, you can do it all with these bugs. Some dude in Indiana had a severe allergic reaction to eating, I shit you not, 30 of these things sauteed in butter, parsley, and oregano. Apperantly, he had to eat the ones his wife didn't want. There's no accounting for taste, or even sanity.

Chestnuts roasted by No, you're not. @ 05/17/2004 02:31 PM EST

Boy could I go for some ChocoTacos now! They used to be sold at the movie theater I worked at, but that was years ago. I bet Ice Cream Jones has something to do with their disappearence!

Chestnuts roasted by JWalters @ 05/17/2004 02:31 PM EST

I love those thingies! They're small as fuck, and don't actually cool you off, but they're good.

Chestnuts roasted by Mikayla @ 05/17/2004 02:31 PM EST

I absolutely love choco tacos. They are one of my all-time favorite ice-cream treats. I also love the nutty-buddy, which is very similar to the choco taco; but nothing compares to the sweet chocolatey goodness of a ice-cold choco taco.

Chestnuts roasted by throckmorton @ 05/17/2004 02:31 PM EST

ChocoTaco's are crap in a sac. Ten pounds of crap in a five-pound sac, to be exact. I've only ever eaten one, and though it was years ago, I still remember it. It was that bad.

Chestnuts roasted by Third Rate Ninja @ 05/17/2004 02:31 PM EST

I'd take triple chocolate Drumsticks any day of the week. I have never had a Choco Taco but since my taste for sweets has really dwindled i doubt that time will come. Back in the day when we used to have an ice cream man I was all about ice cream sandwhiches, froggy pops, those pac-man pops, and the jet pops (red, white, and blue). The jingle jangle sound of his truck was a huge part of my summer besides playing our Atari 5200. If I could only be 4 years old again...

Chestnuts roasted by phunqsauce @ 05/17/2004 02:31 PM EST

Ha ha losers. Chaco Taco is still alive and well in my town. They are endless. Why dont you just order them by the boxes and sell/eat em like gas stations and convenince stores? idots

Chestnuts roasted by EukerGod @ 05/17/2004 02:31 PM EST

At college, the Taco Bell still sells them, and we would buy several, despite the fact that we have no freezer. so we'd put them in the fridge expecting them to keep for the night. When we would go to eat them they'd be all gross and liquidy so we would just drop them off the balcony onto the sidewalk. Man they make a satisfying noise.

Chestnuts roasted by Ned @ 05/17/2004 02:31 PM EST

never really seen one ..but im not really in shape to chase a ice cream truck half a mile anymore..but your article makes it almost worth it.Maybe you should take up advertiseing matt?

Chestnuts roasted by Mr.Fun @ 05/17/2004 02:31 PM EST

Hey! Another excellent thread! Congratulations for no idiots announcing what post they are. It makes me proud that people have grown up or that the idiots have left.

Either way, Choco Taco's are great. But not as good as though rootbeer float pops from Schwan.

Chestnuts roasted by ZacWax @ 05/17/2004 02:31 PM EST

Are Choco Tacos really so rare? They're all over the dang place here in North Carolina! Man, for once I actually have something to be happy about living in this crappy state!

Chestnuts roasted by The Mysterious Dr. X @ 05/17/2004 02:31 PM EST

I still see Choco Tacos every now and then in Southern New Jersey, especially during the summer. I've never tried them myself, mostly because they just sound like overkill, but if Matt can eat them and survive, then maybe it's not so bad...

Chestnuts roasted by starwenn @ 05/17/2004 02:31 PM EST

God damn, I love these but they're so expensive. Yeah, all the ice cream trucks have 'em, for like $3.50 a pop! KOKY, our local ice cream truck-woman driver lady always rolls by and I never buy shit from her. It sounds fucked up, but I leave choco tacos for really special days such as: when I have money.

Chestnuts roasted by Jorge @ 05/17/2004 02:31 PM EST

they sell those bad boys at my school. they're awesome... the only downside is that the sugar cone shell is always chewy, and sometimes a little soggy :p

nevertheless, choco taco rocks.

Chestnuts roasted by lise @ 05/17/2004 02:31 PM EST

I live in North Dakota and there are more choco tacos at our grocery stores than our population can handle. I never knew that they were obscure. I guess I've always taken their chocolatey goodness for granted.

Chestnuts roasted by Cuskey @ 05/17/2004 02:31 PM EST

Uh, is it midnight yet ?

Anywooz, I think they were released in England by Nestle and had some stupid named like "Panda's Testicles" or something. You know, like Panda Pop, only green.

In the end, they sold so poorly that the company who manufactured them would post a voucher for a free panda testicle, until people got their free PT and realised how much it really did taste like a Turklish kebab butcher's jizz (not that I'd know) but they cam back a year or so later promoted with some Polar Bear fetish or whatnot.

Chestnuts roasted by Doctor Bear @ 05/17/2004 02:31 PM EST

My town is full of the Choco Tacos

Ice cream trucks have them, dollar stores have them, hell I think Taco Bell even still has them here.

Yes, joyus Westerly, Rhode Island: The Land That Time Forgot When Dealing With Klondike Taco Products

Chestnuts roasted by Maxx @ 05/17/2004 02:31 PM EST

Several years ago I worked at a Scout Camp and the staff lived on Choco Taco's for about every meal. We were suppose to sell the Choco Taco's to the kids, but when confronted with a freezer filled with a shrine to the chocolate goodness boxed in several large cases suppose to last an entire summer; no we could not dare to let the taco goodness get away from us. So for an entire summer we lived in bliss eating cases of choco taco... *sigh* the good old days.

Chestnuts roasted by Greg @ 05/17/2004 02:31 PM EST

Choco Tacos!! They were here for one summer, or something that was like them was here for one summer in the UK. I loved that ice cream and then they took it away!!!! As long as they leave my twisters and feasts alone I shall let the taco travesty slide!!!

Chestnuts roasted by Chris Hardcore @ 05/17/2004 02:31 PM EST

You can find them in some ice cream locations, we have a Baskin Robbins here (Raleigh, NC) and they've had them every now and then. Then theres places like gas stations where you can find them. They're out there. Just gotta look.

Chestnuts roasted by Jason @ 05/17/2004 02:31 PM EST

Meanwhile back in the UK,

Hallo Americanos,

we poor unfortunates here in in-ger-land have to make do with somthing almost the same it's called a 'Ice cream Oyster' more or less the same except it has coconut on it...

whats more it's assembled by mr ice cream man himself so each one is fresh as a daisy

slurp scoff dibble burp...etc

Chestnuts roasted by Snoopy snoopy dog dog @ 05/17/2004 02:31 PM EST

Get 'em while they last at the garden State Liquors Convenience store in Closter, NJ...

ice cream man in my neighborhood has 'em too. My heavy cousin buys 12 at a time and puts em in the freezer

Chestnuts roasted by John @ 05/17/2004 02:31 PM EST

by the way...do they still make Bubble O Bill?
Remember the commercials? His nose was a gumball, but the rest of him was crappy sherbert food colored with a face?

Chestnuts roasted by John @ 05/17/2004 02:31 PM EST

Diabetes or not, I might just go to Sam's Club and buy me a case. But then, I will always risk my glucose levels for most chocolate confections.

Chestnuts roasted by kingklash @ 05/17/2004 02:31 PM EST

I am lucky, the snack store in my office building has them. I eat about 2 or 3 a week. I've always liked them and until I read this article, I thought Taco Bell still sold them. Oh well, just another reason NOT to run for the border. I didn't realize they were so rare - I guess I'll have to buy them more often.

Chestnuts roasted by Lucky Captain Rabbit King @ 05/17/2004 02:31 PM EST

Do you americans have maxibon?
Seems to be a bit like that.

Chestnuts roasted by ozzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz @ 05/17/2004 02:31 PM EST

Chicago has a ready supply of Choco Tacos. The first thing I'll do if there is nuclear fallout is collect all the Choco Tacos I can meet you guys in the bomb shelters. Bringing along all my Simpsons DVD's as well. Wait we already has this blog discussion, and it was good one!!!

My dad was a Good Humor delivery guy when I was a yoote. He always brought home the extras, no wonder I'm so flippin' FAT!!!!

Oh, yeah. Everytime I turn on the damn local news, all they keep talking 'bout is that they cicadas are coming, like its going to be an invasion that will kill us all. Guess we'll just have to wait in see. Better stock up on dem Choco Tacos before the Cicadas come, dont wanna have to go outside and leave the warm glow of my computer.

Chestnuts roasted by Don't Touch, Willy. @ 05/17/2004 02:31 PM EST

They sell 'em at school during lunch time.
They're okay, but I like those ice creams with fudge and the little wooden flat spoons better.

Chestnuts roasted by AngeFaitore @ 05/17/2004 02:31 PM EST

Two Words...CHIA PLOT!!!

Chestnuts roasted by Tree @ 05/17/2004 02:31 PM EST

Who in hell would eat effin cicadas??? And why are they acting like its the goddamn attack of the Killer Bees like in that Michael Caine movie, "Swarm"? Well, stock up on your ChocoTacos and Shrek merchandise, cuz our mutant cicada masters will be most displeased if you did not.

Chestnuts roasted by JWalters @ 05/17/2004 02:31 PM EST

"Have I made a mockery of a culture like a Choco Taco?" - MC Paul Barman

Chestnuts roasted by Bill Cosby's Sweater @ 05/17/2004 02:31 PM EST

Wow, someone else on here is in Peoria!!!!

On to Choco Tacos, I am not a very big fan of sweets, and even less of chocolate, but sometimes when mixed with other good stuff I like it. Like someone mentioned before I love the Snickers Ice Cream Bar, maybe I'll give these a chance too.

Finally on the Cicada thing. Like was mentioned earlier these bugs come out and mate for a while and then lay there eggs underground and die. The eggs/larvae take different amounts of time to reach maturity ranging from 17, 11, 9, 7 2, and 1 or some crap like that. Anyway the big deal is in some parts of the country multiple broods will be coming out this year. So maybe the 17, 9, 5 and 1 brood will all be out this year in the southeast or some crap like that. I haven't heard much from them yet in IL but it's still pretty early. You get enough of these suckers making noise though and it's pretty hard to sleep.

Chestnuts roasted by Beerstalker @ 05/17/2004 02:31 PM EST

Bill Cosby's Sweater, could not find a MP3 of Old Paul where the Choco-Taco line is from, but here is Cock Monster. http://media.salon.com/mp3s/barman102902.mp3
Crappy Flash slideshow of the ladies of Cock Monster (Not safe for work)

Chestnuts roasted by Bombard you with retardulous wordplay. @ 05/17/2004 02:31 PM EST

MAXIBON ! That's the one, and they were shit.

Chestnuts roasted by Doctor Bear @ 05/17/2004 02:31 PM EST

That's interesing.. my local Blockbuster (Washington state) stocks these things... as does the local supermarket and other areas...

Chestnuts roasted by Ben @ 05/19/2004 06:52 PM EST

Oh my GOD, I LOVE eating these things... no, no wait. Wrong kind of taco, my bad.

Chestnuts roasted by Mmmmm mmm GOOD @ 05/19/2004 08:29 PM EST

The oysters the vans do, omg they are so nice. Sugar cone, mallow inside chocolate and coconut on the outside with a generous helping of soft ice cream. Mmmmmmm, I forgot about that one. Definatly beats the Taco hands down. Oh and as for maxibon, the texture was foul. It felt like rotting paper in my mouth. The Ice cream was rank too

Chestnuts roasted by Chris Hardcore @ 05/20/2004 11:06 AM EST

We still have Choco Tacos at Taco Bells in North Carolina. I think it may be due to the large contingent of migrant worker Mexicans we have here. Gotta keep 'em happy, y'know. My wife always gets one, even though she isn't a Mexican.

Chestnuts roasted by Blair @ 05/20/2004 11:42 AM EST

I used to sell these from an ice cream truck (yes, I was a ding-ding man). I once talked a kid into swapping two of his treasured Susan B.'s for one of these things, the poor sap.

Chestnuts roasted by Bebob @ 05/20/2004 11:53 AM EST

Bombard you with retardulous wordplay, I believe it's "Cock Mobster", but great to see another Paul Barman fan on the old X-E.

"I'll still be rhymin' when I'm in your hymen"

Chestnuts roasted by Bill Cosby's Sweater @ 05/20/2004 12:54 PM EST

So, I work at a Ralph Lauren outlet store in Queenstown MD, right? And a couple months ago, I walk in and the manager Maggie says to me "You'll never believe who was in here today!!!" Apparently, the man himself...the man who INVENTED THE CHOCO TACO actually came in the store, and proceeded to buy 100 denim shirts, claiming he was going to put the Choco Taco logo on them all!!! I tell you, that was the only day that I ever wished I'd come to work early. Has anyone else out there seen this man???

Chestnuts roasted by Baron Von Awesome @ 05/20/2004 12:56 PM EST

we had these over here in holland a couple of years back.They where called Winner Taco's by Ola,i think.. ..anyway, i know this douchbag who's dad "invented" the winner taco, and now i have the evidence to prove him a fraud once and for all!bwahahahahahahaaaa!!!

Chestnuts roasted by fnpatterson @ 05/21/2004 05:03 AM EST

Love those klondike "no sugar added" ice cream squares though! Perfect for us south beach dieters!

Chestnuts roasted by auctionhugh @ 05/21/2004 02:51 PM EST

I never had one of these things but these guestbook enrtrys are fucking halarious!!!

and whats with the damn cicadas?? we're supposed to be talking about CHOCO TACO here people!!!! GET IT RIGHT MAN!!

Chestnuts roasted by The Pope @ 05/21/2004 05:37 PM EST

I never had one of these things but these guestbook enrtrys are fucking halarious!!!

and whats with the damn cicadas?? we're supposed to be talking about CHOCO TACO here people!!!! GET IT RIGHT MAN!!

Chestnuts roasted by The Pope @ 05/21/2004 05:37 PM EST

I bought one of these things at Taco-Bell years ago. While standing in the parking lot eating this sugar-licious oddity, my friend kept chanting "Choco-Taco! Choco-Taco! Choco-Taco!" until I was laughing so hard that, yes, it came out my nose. Spewed this concoction all over the parking lot. I've been squeamish of Taco-Bell's desserts since. Ick!

Chestnuts roasted by Dave @ 05/22/2004 01:24 AM EST

The store i work at gets a never ending supply of them for our little freezer. The strange thng is, I work at a hardware store.

Chestnuts roasted by Zach @ 05/22/2004 11:55 PM EST

I bought one from my local gas station a couple weeks back...first time in years and yes it was CHOCO TACO LICOUS

Chestnuts roasted by stich21 @ 05/23/2004 07:00 AM EST

mmmmmmm chaco taco

Chestnuts roasted by Tink @ 05/23/2004 03:37 PM EST

I was buying ChocoTacos from the icecream man long before Taco Bell started selling them. Of course, once they did, I started buying them there as well. As I got older, my sweet-tooth waned, and so I stopped thinking about ye ol' ChocoTaco...

I moved up to Seattle in recent years, and a local AMPM mini-mart has the yummy chocolate covered ice cream tacos stocked in ready supply. :) Yes, I've started eating them again.

Chestnuts roasted by duckyass @ 05/23/2004 08:59 PM EST

I went years without a Choco Taco but when I was back in the States again, the local ice cream guy helped me relive the past. Choco Tacos rule!

Chestnuts roasted by ToddS @ 05/25/2004 12:50 PM EST

Man, They sell them at our school, I was in heaven when I saw them. They are common around here in Ohio.

Chestnuts roasted by Phil @ 05/25/2004 04:28 PM EST

Matt,theres a kickass little taco resturant in my hometown of Point Pleasant NJ. www.surftaco.com and they sell the choco taco,its on the friggin menu's!

Chestnuts roasted by Josh @ 05/26/2004 12:58 AM EST

Matt,theres a kickass little taco resturant in my hometown of Point Pleasant NJ. www.surftaco.com and they sell the choco taco,its on the friggin menu's!

Chestnuts roasted by Josh @ 05/26/2004 12:58 AM EST

If these are all over NC, I haven't seen them yet, but I haven't really been looking, I know they were in Texas, and also I think in Cali...damn Army I move too much.

By the way, quite delicious and just the right size...but whoever said the shell is soggy is right...anyway, thanks to all this ice cream talk I had to eat a Heath covered Klondike bar before I ate dinner...I'm a grown up so I can do that now(yay), rather ironic that now that I'm grown and can eat sweets anytime I want I don't have a sweet tooth anymore...Damn you delicious irony! By the way, you posters are exceptionally hilarious today, especially Don't touch, Willy and Zach, for some reason your hardware store comment made me laugh for the first time today...Keep it up you ice cream lovin' bastards. By the way, anyone who thinks a food is safe to eat because Matt eats it must remember he has conditioned his stomach to eat things like American Gladiator candy circa 1989 and Pop Secret circa who-the-fuck-knows?

Chestnuts roasted by whitemale_98 @ 05/26/2004 07:38 PM EST

Good show, Josh. I'm at Point P a lot, so I'll check it out.

Chestnuts roasted by Matt @ 05/27/2004 10:40 PM EST

Oh man, I haven't had one of these in years. I was thinking about them the other day and craving one badly. Now I want one even more.. :( We used to get them from the ice cream guy all the time. Now I'll be on a mission to find them once again.

Chestnuts roasted by Lauren @ 05/28/2004 12:21 AM EST

DAMN, you Americans get all the good junkfood. No such thing as the Keebler Elves Pizza Chips up here. Damn Canada Health Guide........

Chestnuts roasted by Rob @ 05/28/2004 02:31 PM EST

You can still get choco tacos from the Taco Bell here. I ordered one just last week and after they forgot to give me it the first time I came back and they gave me a free one.

Chestnuts roasted by Tyler @ 05/28/2004 05:29 PM EST


Woah - I've never heard of that place, but then again I'm not much of a shore goer. I'm in the area though, and will definatly check it out. It actually looks pretty good.

Chestnuts roasted by Third Rate Ninja @ 05/29/2004 03:02 PM EST

You can't walk five feet in Milwaukee without seeing a choco taco, and they are brilliant!!!!

All hail the dessert king of the world!!!!!

Chestnuts roasted by milwaukeepit @ 05/30/2004 10:50 AM EST

Well, gee, you all should work for Hamilton Sundstrand if you miss Choco Tacos! They sell them in the cafeteria all the time!

Chestnuts roasted by Sara @ 05/30/2004 10:54 AM EST

the choco taco is very special because my 'choco' is pronounced like my last name...

Chestnuts roasted by chakfu @ 05/31/2004 01:42 AM EST

They sell these in the grocery store I work at here in Canada. I've seen them but never game them much thought. After seeing everyone rave about them, I'm gonna pick up a box tomorrow.

Chestnuts roasted by Nemephosis @ 05/31/2004 03:50 PM EST

They still sell Choco Tacos at the Taco Bell here!

Chestnuts roasted by M.V. @ 05/31/2004 09:21 PM EST

They sell these at my school. They're really expensive, but it's worth it.

Chestnuts roasted by EhhEff @ 06/01/2004 04:31 PM EST

Just a note to any reader who haven't enjoyed the sweet madness of hte Choco-Taco. My wife works as a nurse at the local Children's hospital. As it turns out they have them available in the caffeteria. She was also told that they are quicte common in children's hospitals. SO if U must have one, pop in to your local medic for lunch.

Chestnuts roasted by BadServo @ 06/02/2004 11:39 AM EST

omg. I love Choco Tacos. I am very lucky to have them reguarly stocked at my school cafeteria. Unfortunately I have stayed away from the Choco Tacos for 'losing weight' reasons.
It's very hard resisting their temptation at lunch... they are right there... XD

Chestnuts roasted by Tsuruko @ 06/02/2004 10:27 PM EST

Ahh... the good old Choco Taco. Those things are great. The shop at Hosville (Which I probably spelled wrong) Park here on Long Island still sells them. They also sell Vanilla Tacos... although those aren't as good...

Can always come down here if you're desperate...

Chestnuts roasted by EBK @ 06/05/2004 04:14 PM EST

I used to love topping off a Grande Meal with a delicious Choco Taco from T-Bell

Chestnuts roasted by JoeMama @ 06/06/2004 01:11 AM EST

I don't know where you people live, but there are no less than 6 places in a 5 mile radius from my house than sell Choco-tacos.

Chestnuts roasted by Hugh @ 06/07/2004 01:11 AM EST

I just visited by my local friendly ice cream joint and saw that Choco Tacos are available for a mere buck and a quarter... I opted for the Lightning Lemon thingie instead, as it sounded far more refreshing. Sweet baby Jesus, it certainly was refreshing.

Chestnuts roasted by Gretchen @ 06/07/2004 12:48 PM EST

Choco Tacos run rampant in Rockford, IL. Go to any gas station or Taco Bell and snag one. You'll be glad you did! They're one of those yummy things you can sit in front of the playstation with and polish off a whole box!!

Chestnuts roasted by Dilbitz @ 06/09/2004 03:21 PM EST

Mmmm...Choco Tacos.

Chestnuts roasted by Stoos @ 06/12/2004 09:34 AM EST

I love Choco Tacos. Blockbusters and gas stations around here have them alot. I guess I'm lucky. Though it's been a while since I've actually bought them.

Chestnuts roasted by Aristobulus @ 06/13/2004 12:18 AM EST

Wow! They used to sell those at my middle school. Choco Tacos Rox0rz!

Chestnuts roasted by Hman @ 06/13/2004 01:15 AM EST

Here in El Paso (read: 15 minutes from the border of Mexico), these things are plentiful. In fact, I just got one the other day from a gas station's ice cream freezer. Delightful! ^_^

Chestnuts roasted by Team Rocket Rose @ 06/13/2004 04:42 PM EST

i was always one to go for the sonic the hedgehog ice cream bars. blue and white sherbert with black cherry gumball eyes. good shit there. i got them so much one summer if the ice cream man ever came by and saw me, he would just say "you want the usual?". that is probably a highlight of my life, having someone ask me if i wanted the usual. i was like the 10 year old equivilant of norm from cheers, except with sonic bars.

Chestnuts roasted by Adam @ 06/13/2004 05:11 PM EST

Heh heh, I work at a place that has a large stockpile of the things. And get to eat them for free every day :) For anyone who hasn't had one they are damn good.

Chestnuts roasted by Jake @ 06/13/2004 11:39 PM EST

Last time I paid a visit to the ice cream man here (Santa Fe, NM) was last summer. I was coincidentally looking for a choco taco. We would have never caught the speeding fiend if some neighboring children hadn't jumped in front of the truck (not kidding). When our turn came, we stepped up into a cloud of cigarette smoke and asked the old mexican man in the stained wife beater for choco tacos. He yelled to the woman half a foot away from him who couldn't have been anything other than a prostitute and she handed us our cigarette infused ice cream. God I wish I was making this stuff up, I can't stomach the ice cream man anymore after that.

Chestnuts roasted by Mara @ 06/15/2004 12:58 PM EST

thank you to the person who said Maxibon, I knew I'd seen something like a choco taco but I'd forgotten the name.

Does anyone remember the ice creams shaped like feet? They were pink, possibly with white swirls, and the toes were chocolate covered. I vividly remember eating one as a small child (I must have been smal as they seemed like giant feet) but I never see them now.

Chestnuts roasted by Purple Penguin @ 06/17/2004 01:41 PM EST

Choco Taco's across the street from where i work. about 88 cents with tax i think. Taco bell, nuff said. :)

Chestnuts roasted by Kyle @ 06/20/2004 02:08 AM EST

every year at boyscout camp they sell choco tacos....

and i buy them, becuase they are delicious, as everyone above has already stated

Chestnuts roasted by Kyle @ 06/23/2004 10:19 PM EST


Chestnuts roasted by joel @ 06/24/2004 03:27 PM EST


Chestnuts roasted by joel @ 06/24/2004 03:27 PM EST


Chestnuts roasted by joel @ 06/24/2004 03:28 PM EST


Chestnuts roasted by joel @ 06/24/2004 03:28 PM EST

For the record, some Taco Bells still sell these things. I was recently on a cross-country trip, and stopped at Taco Bell in the southern Appalachians (somewhere between Maryland and Tennesse, not quite sure where. The road becomes a blur after 15 hours). They had Choco Tacos on their dessert menu, and I got one. So they are still otu there.

Chestnuts roasted by Maclimes @ 06/25/2004 10:13 AM EST

Thank God For The Choco Taco!
I swear by these things. The only place I can regularlly find them is the Mister Softee truck on 72 street, but they're too far away and the presence of the truck is unreliable.

Chestnuts roasted by Vincent @ 06/25/2004 01:36 PM EST

Was there ever a strawberry or chocolate choco taco? I could have sworn that tacobell served them for a limited time about 7 years ago?

Chestnuts roasted by Icefloe @ 09/23/2004 12:07 AM EST

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