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05/15/2005 Entry: "The "Darth Dew" Star Wars Slurpee!"

I got my ticket! Revenge of the Sith opens this week, sure to trigger millions of bittersweet moments as Star Wars fans young and old embark on the almost-certainly last-ever big screen debut for the franchise. It doesn't matter how "good" the movie is: It's a necessary experience for anyone who ever fantasized about rushing over highway traffic on a speeder bike, for anyone who ever wielded a wrapping paper tube as a lightsaber, and for anyone who filed a written complaint about Greedo shooting first. With so many memories attached to these films and their extended lore, it's tough to imagine those ending credits scrolling without an audience of massive cheers, massive tears and at least a few hundred rebels who hold lit lighters to the sky in a show of respect to the story that gave them so much joy.

Now us fans...we've survived a whole lotta torment over the past several years. Both The Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones were panned by critics, casual viewers and diehards alike, spoofed and insulted in every way possible in every media form imaginable. If that didn't shake our loyalties, nothing will. Still, if nothing else, it's given us a sense of humor about the franchise. We love it, but I've run into very few Star Wars fans who are unwilling to poke fun of their hobby and its many lovable faults. It's this newfound humor that paved the way for a number of hysterical cross-promotions in recent months, running the gamut from Chewbacca's Burger King commercial to M&M's dressing up like Sith warriors. With Star Wars, nothing is sacred and everything is fair game. I'm sure a great many hate this to no end, but personally, I'd rather have people goof on Star Wars if it means I can walk into a 7-11 and drink Darth Vader's Slurpee. Introducing...Darth Dew!

Yup, Darth Vader has been immortalized with his very own Mountain Dew 7-11 Slurpee. It's the last corner of the merchandising universe Vader had left to conquer, and it's a good thing he managed to squeeze this triumph in before everyone heard him cry about Padme. Lord knows nobody's gonna want his Slurpees after that. Only the last in the long line of food products Darth's been featured on over the past few months (he's got his own fruit snacks, too), the 7-11 Slurpee still remains the greatest of all possible food-related honors. Very, very few folks can say they've had their own Slurpee. You, I, the guy down the block? We'll never have our own Slurpee. It's the most elite club in history, especially if you choose to ignore the fact that 7-11 did the same thing for Shrek a few years ago.

On top of a great ad campaign, 7-11 is even making a big deal about Darth Dew within the actual stores. I've got a few Slurpee centers in my area, and have seen everything from thirty-foot banners to giant inflatables supporting the Force-sensitive slush piles. It's to the point where one could easily argue that there's been better marketing for Darth Dew 7-11 Slurpees than the film they're actually crossed with. In stores, Vader has just about completely taken over the Slurpee machines -- which, if you haven't been to a 7-11 in a while, have grown to the approximate size of Ford Explorers. Though quite possibly the worst tasting Slurpee available from the chain, I doubt that many could wander near the Vader-drenched machine and convince themselves to drink anything else. It just wouldn't be right.

The Slurpee is a grapey/raspberry/sugary/candy concoction in a rich purple hue, but I'm not sure anyone could down the whole giant cup of it without dying. Maybe it's just been too long since I've had a Slurpee, but this thing coats your insides like the archenemy of Pepto-Bismol, threatening each and every square inch of your intestines with a syrup so sweet it may as well have bees porking each other inside it. I'd recommend only trying a small cup, but then, how could anyone resist the killer deal 7-11's laying out? For 1.99, you get a limited edition holographic Star Wars cup that holds enough Darth Dew to drown the great lizards of Komodo Island, and a plastic Vader-shaped cup topper. PS, put the topper on before you pour the holy ice, because it's damn impossible to get the thing on afterwards without covering everything in a three mile radius in Darth Dew Slurpee residue. And trust me, you don't want to do that: This shit is sticky. My hands still feel like I've just completed something naughty.

But yeah, playing into Star Wars fans' inherent packratty nature and inclination towards collecting everything, the cup is easily washable and will likely serve as a shelf topper even after Darth Dew only lives on as checkmark in 7-11's Yearly Quota of Stupid Liquid Promotions notebook. For 2.99, you can skip what I just mentioned and fill a giant plastic Yoda head with Darth Dew instead. That's even more surreal. It's like drinking frigid Yoda brains, and I'd comment on how cool that is if I wasn't sure someone would take it as a bad pun.

Get 'em before they're gone. Give in to your anger. Also, check out Darth Dew's official site!

REPLIES: 103 comments

Darth Dew, just beautiful!

Chestnuts roasted by kidneyboy @ 05/15/2005 06:27 PM EST

May the flavour be with you!

Chestnuts roasted by Chicken_Run @ 05/15/2005 06:33 PM EST

Going to find the nearest 7-11 and buy Darth and Yoda right now.

Chestnuts roasted by LeGenerale @ 05/15/2005 06:36 PM EST

I have to find it funny that 7-11 sells Coca-Cola Slurpees to this day...yet now is also selling a Pepsi product in the form of Mountain Dew.

They're like Palpatine...working for both Republic and Seperatists...though which soda company is which is for you to guess.

Chestnuts roasted by Chris Waters @ 05/15/2005 06:37 PM EST

It looks like the people at Pepsi just took all the leftover Mountain Dew Pitch Black and made it into Darth Dew.

Chestnuts roasted by Bill Cosby's Sweater @ 05/15/2005 07:05 PM EST

why no pic of the yoda head?

Chestnuts roasted by Mr.Green @ 05/15/2005 07:15 PM EST

They were sold out. :/

Chestnuts roasted by Matt @ 05/15/2005 07:28 PM EST

"Master the Freeze?" That's the best slogan millions of advertising dollars could come up with? Seems to me they missed out on what might be the only opportunity in history to use the pun "Dew or Dew not" in a mercantile setting.

Chestnuts roasted by Jedoc @ 05/15/2005 08:22 PM EST

Good call, Jedoc.

Chestnuts roasted by Matt @ 05/15/2005 08:23 PM EST

Talk about a (pun intended) sweet deal. Maybe I could get a cup tomorrow and only fill it a quarter of the way...

Chestnuts roasted by starwenn @ 05/15/2005 09:53 PM EST

It's that bad? Kind of dissapointing, if you ask me.

Chestnuts roasted by Laughingboy69 @ 05/15/2005 10:27 PM EST

Am I reading that right? Mastering the Freeze costs one dollar more than Darthing the Dew?

Breaking my heart it is.

I think an interesting idea would be to market slurpees and put them in hollow lightsabre containers. That way, the colour of your lightsabre is dependant on the colour of your drink. It would cost $59.99, but at least it would look cool.

Chestnuts roasted by Dr. Acula @ 05/15/2005 10:39 PM EST

Natalie Portman.....Cant have her!! She's Mine, Mine, Mine!!! smile

Chestnuts roasted by A Dude @ 05/15/2005 10:40 PM EST

The saga is now truly complete.
I had the Darth Dew (Goo) the other day after feverishly searching every 7-11 in a ten mile radius. I kind of like it actually. Of course I feel Lucas may have forced the good old 7-11 corporation to cut the crap with heroin. I'm a sucker for tie-ins like this. I even went crazy with the Hulk cups a few years ago. Anyway, the Yoda head is quite bizzare. It seems almost as if you decapitated the little bastard and are now enjoying his brains.Who knew Yoda's brain was so sugary? The Yoda mug(?)has no handles you grab him by the ears, which is abit strange, it's as if your forcing him to..ahhh nevermind. My only complaint with both cups is that niether would fit in any cup holder. Yoda too awkward and Vader's cup too tall.
However this weekend I scored a Vader camping chair(at Target no less, for a mere 8 bucks!) for when I have to wait on line Wedsday, even though, I already bought tickets. Thankfully my girlfriend has induldged my inner child and realizes this will all be over very soon.

Chestnuts roasted by Jerry Horror @ 05/15/2005 10:42 PM EST

Yep, I'm planning on picking up a Darth Dew on my way to opening night. I didn't buy tickets in time to see it on the digital screen, but at least I'll be able to say that I was there for the premiere of one SW movie.

Chestnuts roasted by Dean @ 05/15/2005 11:21 PM EST

"master the freeze with yoda"...hahahaha

Chestnuts roasted by D-Roc @ 05/15/2005 11:35 PM EST

Banana Fanta slurpee's !!??!?!?!?!?!?!!?!! What the fuck is wrong with this world????? Well I guess Darth and Yoda make up for it....

Chestnuts roasted by phunqsauce @ 05/15/2005 11:47 PM EST

While they're at it they might as well serve slurpee's made with that bottle of Kraft Creamy Cucumber salad dressing from 1986 that guy was trying to sell on e-bay (there was a link for it in the thread for purplesaurus rex i believe).

Chestnuts roasted by phunqsauce @ 05/15/2005 11:52 PM EST

There was a Rob Van Dam slurpee once, too. Scary, eh?

Chestnuts roasted by Review the World @ 05/16/2005 02:30 AM EST

This stuff kicks butt.

Chestnuts roasted by the80sruled @ 05/16/2005 06:05 AM EST

Why couldn't it have been a Super America Slurpee? I can GET to a Super America... wait... I know where a 7-11 is!!! ACROSS THE BUSY HIGHWAY! YIPPEE!!


I think risking my life for this slurpee is a worthwhile cause.


Now if only I had 3 dollars...

Chestnuts roasted by Sucrose @ 05/16/2005 09:01 AM EST

In my humble opinion, I'd have to say that I'd probably fill the Vader cup with a decent flavour--one that does not have the word "Dew" in it. It's really all about the Vader cup, since that will last long after we are all dead. In a collector shop/land fill somewhere.

And 7-11 has been offering Pepsi and Coke side by side for about 10 years--they made a very big deal about it back then. Now? Nobody cares.

PS: Dr. Acula--nice Hedberg (RIP)reference. Here's a flyer.

Chestnuts roasted by Sean @ 05/16/2005 09:09 AM EST

Right, i'm english, can someone explain to me what a "Slurpee" is, is it like an ice drink or what?

Chestnuts roasted by Gorm @ 05/16/2005 10:22 AM EST

Awesome, but the cups aren't as cool as the HULK cups that changed when they got cold.

Chestnuts roasted by Sweetie @ 05/16/2005 10:28 AM EST

Hasbro Canada's "Have your REVENGE!" Contest

Chestnuts roasted by ME @ 05/16/2005 10:55 AM EST

I don't have a 7-11 anywhere close...this makes me sad.

Chestnuts roasted by Jim @ 05/16/2005 11:39 AM EST

Speaking of Star Wars, I found the coolest thing in a box of Frosted Flakes the other day -- a Lightsaber Spoon! I can now eat my breakfast with a beam of light! Go Spoonsaber!

Chestnuts roasted by Gregory @ 05/16/2005 11:55 AM EST

Me too we use to have some then when they got popular and had all them commercials they closed um all. I WANNA SLURPEE THIRSTY I AM.

Chestnuts roasted by JAM @ 05/16/2005 12:03 PM EST

THE MANIMAL IN PRINT. Macon (GA) Telgraph showcases local nerds. Allow me to show off and lose my anonymity. I am the teacher mentioned in said article:


Chestnuts roasted by The Manimal @ 05/16/2005 12:34 PM EST

I had no internet this weekend and I am trying to catch up. POST OF THE WEEK from Jedoc??!! I think so.

"Master the Freeze?" That's the best slogan millions of advertising dollars could come up with? Seems to me they missed out on what might be the only opportunity in history to use the pun "Dew or Dew not" in a mercantile setting.

Posted by Jedoc @ 05/15/2005 08:22 PM EST

Chestnuts roasted by The Manimal @ 05/16/2005 12:38 PM EST

Anyone know if Triumph the Insult Comic Dog has visited the nerd line yet? Man, that is one of my favorite sketches . . . evahhh!

Chestnuts roasted by Pedro @ 05/16/2005 01:20 PM EST

Manimal: Am I mistaken or is the picture shown on that page taken by a "Jason Voorhees" of the Macon Telegraph?

Chestnuts roasted by jhnnywalkr @ 05/16/2005 02:37 PM EST

Pedro, there is a Triumph clip section on the show's site:
There is a Star Wars anti-drug sketch, Star Wars Dope, in the Video Moments section.

Chestnuts roasted by ME @ 05/16/2005 02:40 PM EST

Patton Oswald has The Punisher using some Fruit Pies in the missing Hostess/Marvel crossover

Chestnuts roasted by ME @ 05/16/2005 03:09 PM EST

I thought I had a sinus infection, but I totally forgot I had a Darth Dew the day before. That explains the purple fecal matter.

Chestnuts roasted by Skimmer @ 05/16/2005 03:33 PM EST

i love this slurpee! i drank the whole thing in minutes from the large cup. of course, im one of only three people on the planet who liked the mountain dew thats its based off of, mountain dew pitch black. its grape flavored and awesome i think, im trying to track some down since it was pulled off the shelves for bad sales. ah well.

Chestnuts roasted by blueslushy @ 05/16/2005 03:38 PM EST

Hey guys, found ths site about a week ago and am loving it to the max!(c). For the benefit of the confused English guy (i'm English too) I *think* a slurpee is like a Slush Puppie but with much more sugar. Peace and love y'all!

Chestnuts roasted by MisterJiffy @ 05/16/2005 04:40 PM EST

If I remember correctly (and its been a while since I've seen a Slush Puppy), Slurpees are a bit thicker than Slush Puppies, but essentially you are right.

Chestnuts roasted by jhnnywalkr @ 05/16/2005 04:57 PM EST

Ok...I have NEVER drinken a Slurpee before...so what does it taste like? Viscosity? Texture? I want to know!

Also, I picked up the Count Dooku electronic lightsaber on Sunday. I think it's really cool, and I think it has the best shape. I was just wondering, which of the lightsaber toys is your favorite?

Chestnuts roasted by Invader Norbert @ 05/16/2005 04:59 PM EST

Wow, I gots some catching up ahead of me. This time the internet connection died on me. I mean, the wheel was spinning, but the hamster was MIA. Finally got new connections, radio and cables duct-taped on, and I am online again. Power blips are mysterious things, even with a surge protector.

Chestnuts roasted by kingklash, he makes you look good by comparison. @ 05/16/2005 05:06 PM EST

Friday the 13th Part 22: Jason takes Macon
"Say cheese, then say your prayers!!"

Chestnuts roasted by The Manimal @ 05/16/2005 06:16 PM EST

you know what obliterated my heart? I go to my local 7/11 convienance store and the Darth Dew machine is out of order! WHAT?! I drove 5 mins for this? I had to take a Big Gulp cup full of soda and put a vader lid pretending it was Darth Dew... oh well the lid is awesome

Chestnuts roasted by Dre @ 05/16/2005 06:26 PM EST

Darth Dew is one of the best flavours I've ever drank... ever.

Chestnuts roasted by Solomon @ 05/16/2005 07:22 PM EST

Darth dew + All 4 differnent slurpee cups, filled to the brim (at once)= Sweet crap, YES. = tummy ache. Oooohhhh...

Chestnuts roasted by Road Block @ 05/16/2005 08:15 PM EST

Damn all the gods that made me be living in Georgia when this movie came out! Stupid southern states without a 7-11 within 300 miles!

Chestnuts roasted by Justin @ 05/16/2005 09:03 PM EST

Stopped by a 7-11 on my way home from the Cape May Court House library today and bought a Darth Dew Slurpee (in a small cup - as with Matt's local 7-11, they were out of the big Star Wars cups). It was sweet, but other than that, it disappointingly didn't taste like anything, even Mountain Dew.

Chestnuts roasted by starwenn @ 05/16/2005 09:15 PM EST

So, you're all gonna see my new movie, right? It's totaly WIZARD! I deliver the same type of classic lines as I did in Episode II, such as: "I don't like the sand. It's rough and irritating, and gets everywhere. Not like here. Everything's so smooth." and of course "I will be the BEST. Jedi. EVAR!!!111" What's that? You didn't like my acting in Episode II??? You thought my dialogue was cheezy?!! NOOOOOO!!! I'll show you! I'll show you all! I'm going to become the badass Darth Vader, you'll see! Then, and ONLY then will I be the most powerful Jedi! That'll show them! Then I'll kill them all! Not just the men...but the women and children! I'll slaughter them like ANIMALS! I HATE THEM!!!! *pouts, sips Darth Dew while listening to Linkin Park*

Chestnuts roasted by Little Orphan Ani Skywalker @ 05/16/2005 10:00 PM EST

They should have put a jar jar binks cup up there. THAT would have sold out in SECONDS.

Chestnuts roasted by Mary @ 05/16/2005 10:35 PM EST


Real Ghostbusters on DVD!

Chestnuts roasted by Joe in OH @ 05/16/2005 11:09 PM EST

Wow. I could really give two shits about purple-flavored sith-drinks, but I must say I really liked the opening paragraph of this mini-article. Almost got me choked up...
Perhaps a blog thread of personal SW-related stories describing what the films have meant to each of us is in order. Just a suggestion.

Chestnuts roasted by The Yeti @ 05/16/2005 11:27 PM EST

I also have a Vader cup now, 'cept I dislike Dew and almost anything related to Pepsico, so I went with the cherry as usual =)

Besdies, with cherry it feels more like you're drinking his brains anyway, I would've loved to see what that would have been like with the Yoda head.

Chestnuts roasted by Teirusu @ 05/17/2005 12:53 AM EST

I work ata Coldstone Creamery, and last week, Darth himself came in and ordered some ice cream and bullshitted with the customers. It was a wonderful moment, I was dying from laughter...he even had a voice box thing, the girl who took his order was laughing so hard cuz she couldn't understand him. Man, I wish I had my digital camera with at the time!

Chestnuts roasted by Discordia @ 05/17/2005 02:26 AM EST

Alas, I have yet to see a 7-11 in Korea....I am missing out on all the marketing blitz...worst of all is that the movie premieres May 19th worldiwide, right? WRONG- it premieres May 19th Everywhere EXCEPT Japan and yup, KOREA! I have to wait until May 26th!!! The whole world will see it before me, and I was so looking forward to May 19th....It is a dark time for the rebellion...I mean, for mesad

Chestnuts roasted by Muppet Baby @ 05/17/2005 11:19 AM EST

I truly believe that 7-11's were created to sell non-lethal chemical waste from the dingy factories that produce Gatorade.

Chestnuts roasted by Jeff Mack @ 05/17/2005 12:25 PM EST

gee i didnt know that x-mas ran from dec to june....wow

Chestnuts roasted by unknown @ 05/17/2005 12:26 PM EST

no from dec to may, late may

Chestnuts roasted by known @ 05/17/2005 12:50 PM EST

The Christmas Spirit lives inside us all! All year round!

Chestnuts roasted by Hermey the Elf @ 05/17/2005 01:05 PM EST

So what would you call a Darth Dew Brain Freeze? Would it be all right to fall down in the middle of 7-11 and scream, "THE DARK SIDE'S GOT ME!! IT'S LIKE MILLIONS OF SYNAPSES FIRED AT ONCE, AND WERE SUDDENLY FROZEN!! LUCAS HAVE MERCY!! uncle owen? aunt beru? fluffy? gurgle....." or would that be too over the top?

Chestnuts roasted by kingklash @ 05/17/2005 01:38 PM EST

Well, I would try it, but being a Mountain Dew fanatic, I despise Pitch black for being the worst tasting Dew flavor ever made. For anyone who hasn't had it(or is stupid enough to believe they actually LIKE it), I think it would be safe to say the flavor is close to a cup of an extremely fat man's sweat, shit from a diaper, and grape kool-aid.

I fucking hate grape kool-aid, and everything grape. But, for a good-tasting dew, go to your local Taco Bell and see if they have any Baja Blast. It's.. tropical lime flavored. I don't know what that means, because limes don't taste like that. But it's good.

Chestnuts roasted by Tom No Like @ 05/17/2005 03:22 PM EST

No Darth Dew for me, nearest 7-11 isn't worth the trip.

As for Sith? Let's just say that I have special ties with a very NICE theater. One screen, historic building, whole 9 yards. Tickets? A mere $5. Nyah nyah. The joy of a theater not owned by Carmike or AMC.

Inside? VIP. Balcony, front row, center, big two-person chairs for me and the future ex Mrs. Huge gaggle of friends coming to wait in line with me, too, which means we can cheat and send one or two people on food runs without getting bitched at.

Episode III might be the last really cool thing I get to do for a while, so I'm doing it big. Here's to every nerd, geek, and inner-child on this site who will be living the next 48 hours up like there's no tomorrow (because there won't be for Star Wars).

And, for the record: Matt? You're insane. Grape is the nectar of the GODS, man! The GODS!

Chestnuts roasted by Stewy @ 05/17/2005 03:54 PM EST

blueslushy: Are you kidding? Pitch Black was the only halfway decent thing Mountain Dew ever put out. My only complaint about it was that the shit went flat WAY too fast. But, in Slurpee form, I imagine fizz isn't even an issue. I think I'll try one if I'm ever at a 7-11. I won't go out of my way for it, though. Too bad it's just for some stupid promotion. Sounds like it'd make a good permanent Slurpee flavor.

Chestnuts roasted by Jen @ 05/17/2005 06:27 PM EST

Matt, if you have a Star Wars-loving bone left in your body (and obviously you have more than one), you should check out the Clone Wars animated Star Wars series that was recently shown on Cartoon Network. The first season is out on DVD now for a measly $15.00 (a lot of extras for a DVD that cheap) and hopefully the superior second season will follow.

The guy behind the animation of the original Dexter's Lab, The Powerpuff Girls and Samurai Jack--Genndy Tartakovsky-- did them. Fan support was so great after season one (and George Lucas was so pleased) that season two had 12-minute episodes instead of 3-minutes shorts (edited together with classic Star Wars wipes in the DVD), better voice acting was introduced and there was obviously more room for storyline (which turned pretty well).

Lucas actually let Tartakovsky design General Grevious, apparently a major player in Episode 3 (I'm keeping clear of spoilers... there's not a whole lot to get suprised about as it is).

I don't know if I've posted this before, but if I have it's because I really believe you would enjoy the Clone Wars. I've said it many times to other people, and I'll say it again: after watching the second season episodes back-to-back on Cartoon Network, I was more excited about Star Wars than I have been since the original trilogy.

Oh, and Anthony Daniels did C-3P0's voice. If that's not enough to get you to see it I don't know what would be.

Chestnuts roasted by Night_Trekker @ 05/17/2005 08:32 PM EST

"The Clone Wars" is indeed worth checking out. Anakin's animated counterpart is far more bad-ass than his whiny Episode II persona. He even gets pissed off and collapses someone's head with the power of the Dark Side! I guess, as one ages, that sort of thing becomes more arduous to perform (much like mowing the lawn or maintaining an erection), so Vader later opts for a simple choking rather than a full-on cranial smoosh.

Chestnuts roasted by The Yeti @ 05/17/2005 09:37 PM EST

Muppet Baby: you haven't seen 7-11 in Korea? where are you at? I saw them all over the place! if you're desperate and still can't find them, take a little trip to Uijongbu... scary, I know, but they even have Winchells out there! and if you can convince one of the US military guys to help you out they might get you some Taco Bell from the base. smile

Chestnuts roasted by Lazy Girl @ 05/18/2005 02:54 AM EST

they need darth iced coffee thinies too, and maybe some beer tie ins. we need Star Wars Beers!

Chestnuts roasted by obelisk the boy who wanted a 7-11 nearer. @ 05/18/2005 04:01 AM EST

Here's some cool Star Wars stuff.. This guy makes models from machine parts. Pretty cool stuff.

Chestnuts roasted by Cyanyde @ 05/18/2005 09:15 AM EST

Can you all beleive it tomorrow ep.3 come out im soo excited i can i can drink a gallon of that darth slime slush!!!!!!!!!!

Chestnuts roasted by George Lucas @ 05/18/2005 10:14 AM EST

Darnit, they could've had a "Banana Fanta Bantha" slurpee. I'd pay for that.

Chestnuts roasted by someguy @ 05/18/2005 11:15 AM EST

Again, I state that they should do a version of "Shadows of the Empire" with Genndy's animation monkeys. For two really good reasons: One, it would look really cool. Two, it fits in between V and VI like "Clone Wars" drops in between II and III.

Let's do Lucas!
Lucas Lucas bo-Bucas
Banana Bantha Fanta Fucas
Fee fi mo Mucas

Chestnuts roasted by kingklash @ 05/18/2005 11:59 AM EST

In just a few hours, I'll see Vader!

Chestnuts roasted by Yes @ 05/18/2005 02:19 PM EST

"I find your lack of faith disturbing."

Chestnuts roasted by The Yeti @ 05/18/2005 02:34 PM EST

On the radio in my area a local car dealership is doing commercials to tie in to Star Wars. It has some guy doing a very bad Vader impression saying "I am your father", then this guy witha whiny voice says "your not my father, you didn't buy me a car." Then bad vader voice says " How can I afford a car when prices are on the dark side." The commercial is soooo bad that it has to be one of the greatest radio ads ever.

Chestnuts roasted by BrightNoah @ 05/18/2005 03:02 PM EST

I'm drinking a Slurpee out of Darth Vader's head as I type (Cherry Coke, not the Darth Dew stuff). Mmmm. They were out of Yoda though. That's the one I really want.

Chestnuts roasted by jhnnywalkr @ 05/18/2005 03:02 PM EST

Apparently there's going to be a third season of The Clone Wars. Adny y info might be wrong, but from what I've heard it will be done in CG and Genndy Tartakovsky will have nothing to do with it sad

Chestnuts roasted by Night_Trekker @ 05/18/2005 04:43 PM EST

And that's why you read your posts before pressing the button.

Chestnuts roasted by Night_Trekker @ 05/18/2005 04:45 PM EST

Those new Burger King SW toys are great. They even created a small Wicket the Ewok plush toy. I think they're more interesting than the current selection of action figures out right now.

Chestnuts roasted by Robert W @ 05/18/2005 05:35 PM EST

ok, this has NOTHING to do with ANYTHING but I've thought of it and it sounds good.

It's the most fascinating stories on the web, and is so deep and interesting that everyone must know about it. I want to publish the Photog story, along with EVERY comment that went with it, original, untampered, exactly as it was seen when closed down and no more comments could be put it. The story of Bitner is so great, this book would be awesome.

I'm thinking:

"Fearless Bitner:
The Rise, Fall, and Online Mystery of a Child Prodigy."

Any comments?

Chestnuts roasted by robbie @ 05/18/2005 06:47 PM EST

I just read the bulk of the Bitner comments. It's beyond fascinating.

Too bad so many of those links are outdated. Someone should preserve the Tim letter before it too disappears. The Photog creation was interesting on it's own but it really was the story about the call-girl, bankruptcy, mental institute and military enlistment that added to the Bitner fascination. And all of that misery is directly related to Mattel.

Chestnuts roasted by Carri @ 05/19/2005 12:11 AM EST

yes, but having the links working/not working adds to the mysery. and a prolouge/epilouge will help the reader. SO COME ON, SOMEONE GET THAT THING PUBLISHED, AS IT IS, NO CHANGES AT ALL!

Chestnuts roasted by robbie @ 05/19/2005 12:53 AM EST

So, Happy Sith Day everybody!

Chestnuts roasted by kidneyboy @ 05/19/2005 02:49 AM EST

I just got back from the 12:01am showing of Ep III at our local theater. I know your friend Rob hated it Matt, but after reading your site for years, I think I know what you like. And I'll tell ya, I can't see you being unhappy at all with Ep III. It was simply *amazing*, not perfect by any means, but truly mind blowing. I won't put any spoilers here, but I will say it takes what was good about the other prequils, and the original triolgy to some extent as well, and punches up everything 5000%. Action, emotions, acting, and the body count, everything was kicked up big time. Highly recommended!

Chestnuts roasted by Destro @ 05/19/2005 03:19 AM EST

I too jsut got back from ep 3. I thought it was excellent, much better than ep 1 and 2, but still not as good as 4 and 5. Hayden Christiansen does a much better job than he did in ep 2, but padame is still pretty bad. There are lots of cool battles, and there was one sceene that really shocked me. I don't want to talk to much about, because I don't want to give away any spoilers.

Chestnuts roasted by BrightNoah @ 05/19/2005 03:24 AM EST

-->> They made me take the Slurpee home in a Jar..



Chestnuts roasted by ~tOkK @ 05/19/2005 04:35 AM EST

r u serious

Chestnuts roasted by lol a JAR!!! @ 05/19/2005 10:20 AM EST

I went out the first night this stuff came out, and my 7-11 didn't have it, just some West Coast Choppers mega tub promo. Hmm bikes and slurpees do nothing for me lol. I went to another last night, and they had them. I got the Yoda cup, and I polished this bad boy off in less than 30 mins. I hope they keep this flavor long, because it would be killer on a hot summer day.

"Yoda wasn't that you in the proposed sex scandal tape?"

"Yoda that was not, resign he will"

-haha watch that episode of Chappelle's show, extremely funny.

Chestnuts roasted by Charlie S. @ 05/19/2005 11:09 AM EST

I got the Slurpee cup and the Darth head but filled it with the regular mt.dew slurpee. I couldn't take actually drinking the darth dew flavor. I'm a quitter.

They didn't have the yoda cup though. I'll have to look in other places.

Chestnuts roasted by flouch @ 05/19/2005 04:02 PM EST

MATT!! Vader has invaded the ice cream truck as well... I had a Vader ice-cream type thingy (what the hell are they called?) and it was red and blue for a cherry type flavor. His eyes were red gumballs... didn't look much like Vader... but, damn, I WAS EATING DARTH VADER.

Chestnuts roasted by JDK @ 05/20/2005 06:21 PM EST

Look. All I know is that if I had been Padme, Anikan would have to take a back seat. Oh, he's cute and all, but it would have been Obiwan in my Kenobi. oops!

Chestnuts roasted by Christi Leigh @ 05/20/2005 10:47 PM EST

What about "Mirinda Batman Blast Berry Fusion"???


Sweet. *Too* sweet, really.


Chestnuts roasted by Gabe @ 05/22/2005 11:16 PM EST

What about "Mirinda Batman Blast Berry Fusion"???


Sweet. *Too* sweet, really.


Chestnuts roasted by Gabe @ 05/22/2005 11:16 PM EST

There's Darth Dew's and Darth Don'ts.

Don't dew what darth don't does.

Chestnuts roasted by Connor S @ 05/23/2005 09:18 PM EST

UGH!! This is by far the worst tasting slurpee I've ever had! It's some kind of grape mixed with the most god awful medicine flavor. Normally I love grape, but whatever they did to this juist makes it god-awful. It makes me wonder if the secret ingrediant is what the "pee" in slurpee stands for.

Chestnuts roasted by Joey Jo Jo @ 05/25/2005 02:48 PM EST

I loved this article, and have some news: my sister is going to try to get me a complete set of the Burger King Star Wars toys, and we may get a bunch of Vaders ^_^

Chestnuts roasted by Gazirra @ 05/26/2005 12:07 AM EST

The one thing I'll say about collectible cup/topper:


Chestnuts roasted by Brownbag @ 05/26/2005 04:57 PM EST

Had to go with the Darth head...The Yoda cup reminded me too much of the "chilled monkey brains" scene in Temple of Doom.

Chestnuts roasted by Dusty Bottoms @ 05/27/2005 06:23 AM EST

Darth Dew is the best stuff I tasted since Moutain Dew and Coke Slurpee. I already collected all 4 cups.

Chestnuts roasted by 7-11 guy @ 05/29/2005 04:45 PM EST

OMG! I want to Master the FREEZE with Yoda! Screw Vader!

Chestnuts roasted by Johnark @ 05/30/2005 09:22 AM EST

Don't dew what darth don't does?

Chestnuts roasted by travis @ 05/30/2005 06:40 PM EST

what the hell does that mean?

Chestnuts roasted by travis @ 05/30/2005 06:40 PM EST

(bill cosby's sweater)-It looks like the people at Pepsi just took all the leftover Mountain Dew Pitch Black and made it into Darth Dew.

you're 100% correct.

Hey did anyone see that R2D2 bowl kellog's is giving away with 2 proofs of purchase!

Chestnuts roasted by Anthony @ 05/30/2005 10:55 PM EST

I'm so jealous of you Americans and frozen beverages.

Chestnuts roasted by Matt @ 05/31/2005 03:40 PM EST

I have to disagree with you on this one - Darth Dew is one tasty beverage!

Chestnuts roasted by Blake @ 05/31/2005 08:14 PM EST

I want to a real job. I want to go with you to law school to learn the ways of divorce and drive a Jetta like my father.

Chestnuts roasted by Jetta Night @ 06/01/2005 08:10 PM EST