What's a Wuzzle? Two animals in one! These mutant Care Bears are preparing for their X-E tribute, and in the cutest way you could ever imagine, have asked me to seek your help in making their appearance a little more stupid. Your task? Create your own Wuzzle! Winner will receive a mystery surprise box from yours truly, which may or may not contain cucumber eye gel, but will definitely rock your socks.

For a chance to get your socks rocked, all you have to do is e-mail me your entry. You can use any two animals you wish. Living, extinct, people, fish, aliens - anything that's somehow alive. Click here for a quick example. Here's the requirements:

1) You can use any program you want - Photoshop, MS Paint, whatever. You can also draw the pictures yourself, scan them, and send 'em on in. Wuzzles contests aren't that particular.

2) All entries must be in by August 26th, 2002. I'll print out any pictures I get after that date and burn them just to spite you.

3) Winner will be decided by me, based on creativity, effort, and my own personal prejudices.

All entries that don't absolutely suck will be included in the Wuzzles article, coming right after the contest! What are you waiting for? Go! Go make a Wuzzle! Now!