The sixth box contained a 2.5" little girl figurine, styled sort of like a Lego toy, with the one difference being my inability to separate her torso from her waist area. Bummer. The little girl is obviously a Christmas staple. The first thing I thought of upon seeing her was holly and the Sears Wishbook. The second thing I thought of upon seeing her is how brilliant Playmobil really is. All these toys have nothing to do with Christmas whatsoever. They're obviously all overstocks thrown into an advent calendar so the company can turn a profit on their shitty surplus plastic. On the plus side, Little Girl has a removable hat, and claws instead of hands!

Actually, I'm pretty sure this is the official Mare Winningham figure from St. Elmo's Fire. I wonder if box seven will have Rob Lowe or a bottle of McSorley's inside. We'll see!